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Fresh Brewed Cocoa – Crio Bru

Jofresh brewed cocoan Fortheringham and Dr. Eric Durtschi are brewing up some cocoa in Shark Tank episode 522 when they pitch their raw, fresh brewed cocoa called Crio Bru. Billed as a coffee substitute, they roast cocoa beans to brew just like coffee. The result is a chocolatey, steaming cup of goodness that’s high in antioxidants and minerals. Crio Bru is made from roasted, whole, Criollo cocoa beans – the best there is. Called the “drink of the Gods” by the Aztecs, fresh brewed cocoa is one of the best things you can eat or drink; it’s a “super food.” In addition to brewed cocoa, they make Crio Nibs – little chunks of cocoa beans – for snacking or sprinkling on cereal or ice cream.

Durtschi, an amateur chef since childhood, began experimenting with roasted cocoa while in Chiropractic college. Once he perfected his roasting method, he and Fortheringham started their business in October, 2010. It’s available in markets all over the country and on Amazon. It appears the cocoa craze is catching on – Crio Bru is doing big sales and needs to get into national retailers to get to the next level. Funded or not, everyone will be talking about Crio Bru after Shark Tank.

My Take on Fresh Brewed Cocoa

I tried brewed “raw cocoa” in San Francisco last summer at a little coffee shop. I don’t think it was Crio, but it was good. It was more full-bodied and far less sweet than powdered cocoa. It really hit the spot on a foggy San Francisco morning – I liked it. I would definitely brew it at home, I wasn’t even aware you could purchase such a product. At about twelve bucks a bag, it’s priced like premium coffee. If you’re like me, coffee is one of the things you don’t skimp on; I’d rather pay a little extra for a quality coffee, so $12 for brewed cocoa doesn’t give me sticker shock.

Besides the taste, I wasn’t aware of all the health benefits of cocoa. This aint sugary Swiss Miss, this is the real deal. You can add sugar and cream to your Crio Bru or even mix it with coffee beans for a yummy mocha coffee drink. I like the product, in fact I just ordered some from Amazon as I wrote this post! I’m IN, but will the Sharks like the business?

Do Sharks Warm Up to Crio Bru?

Crio Bru is in its fourth year of business. They have a unique twist on an old favorite, broad distribution, and probably enough sales to make the Sharks sit up and take notice. If Fortheringham and Durtschi value the company properly, I think they’ll see multiple offers. Any one of the Sharks could bring value to a partnership with Crio: they all have big box retail contacts and I have to believe that’s where Crio needs to go. This has all the makings of an instant Shark Tank success story. I’m predicting a deal, possibly with two Sharks teaming up.

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