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Unveiling Shroomacon: A Vegan Bacon Innovation on Shark Tank

Hey there, plant-based enthusiasts! Marvin and Aleah Montague are set to rock the stage on Shark Tank this January 26 with their revolutionary vegan creation – Shroomacon. Co-founders of the Baltimore-based start-up Meat The Mushroom, this power couple is on a mission to redefine the plant-based food scene with their delectable and health-conscious alternative to […]

The Duo by ShedRain

As the raindrops fall and umbrellas open, the story of ShedRain, a legacy dating back to 1947, continues to unfold. Nathaniel Wellen, the great-grandson of one of the founders, will be introducing the company’s latest innovation, the Duo, on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank on January 19, 2023. ShedRain’s journey is not just a […]

Toast-It Guilt Free Latin Foods

The entrepreneurial spirit of sisters and Toast-It founders Mafe Cabezas and Coco Viete is taking the culinary world by storm. On a mission to bring the vibrant and delicious flavors of Latin cuisine to health-conscious foodies, they founded Toast It, a company that specializes in guilt and gluten-free Latin foods. This dynamic duo’s journey took […]

Noshi Food Paint

While most parents don’t want their kids to play with their food, Noshi Food Paint inventor Tomo Delaney  encourages it. Tomo’s kids were picky eaters and he was looking for a new career path. A friend suggested presenting food to kids by color instead of taste and Noshi Food Paint was born. It lets kids […]

Burlap & Barrel – Fair Trade Spices

Burlap & Barrel founders Ori Yosef Zohar and Ethan Frisch decided to get into the spice business back in 2016 when Ethan started bringing wild cumin back from his trips to Afghanastan. As previous food entrepreneurs, they were well awar of the “fair trade” movement and the growing concerns people were having about where their […]

The Chub Rub Patch for Chaffing

Brittany Lammon invented the Chub Rub Patch to prevent her thighs from rubbing together while walking. This would cause chaffing, which if you’ve ever had it, is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. It’s the bane of “thick” women whose thickness causes a lot of thighs to rub together. As Brittany says on her […]

Season 14 Premiere – Shark Tank Live

The Shark Tank Season 14 Premiere promises to be one of the most unforgettable episodes in the show’s history. The reason for that is it is being broadcast live in front of a studio audience! The season premiers on Friday, September 23 at 8 PM eastern time. ABC claims viewers will be able to vote […]

Hidrent App – Hire a Firefighter

Dave Heimbuch created his Hidrent App to help off duty firefighters earn extra money. It’s basically a niche gig app. There are others out there, but this one has a unique twist: only actively working firefighters can provide services to homeowners. This can put homeowners at ease because firefighters go through a far more rigorous […]

TruffleShuffle – Online Chef Classes

Jason McKinney and Tyler Vorce created TruffleShuffle when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They originally formed the company to sell truffles to San Francisco Bay area restaurants. When the pandemic shut restaurants down, they were sitting on 20 pounds (about $20,000 worth) of truffles.  They had to do something, so they decided to make cook at […]

The Toilet Timer by Katamco

Adam Shepley invented The Toilet Timer because his wife, Kate, and his kids accused him of “poo-crastination.” Adam would sit on the throne, doing his business, while looking at his phone while the rest of the family wanted his attention. In the search for a solution to this problem, he printed the first Toilet Timer […]

Rolling Greens Vegan Millet Tots

Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham didn’t invent Rolling Greens, Ryan’s parents did. Way back in 1980, Ryan’s mom and dad ran a food truck in Boulder called Rolling Greens. Thirty years later, Ryan – a trained chef – and his wife decided to reopen the truck and serve the Boulder community once again. After five years, […]

Wanna Date – Date Spread

Melissa Bartow didn’t go off to NYU to start a date spread business, but that’s what she ended up doing. She loves eating fruit and somebody gave her a date to try her freshman year; she LOVED them. Dates are practically a superfood as they’re packed with minerals, fiber and “good” carbs. After her first […]

Yumble Meals for Kids

Yumble Meals founders David and Joanna Parker started making pre-made meals for their own three kids when the chore of getting meals together became too much of a chore. Kids can be picky eaters and theirs were no exception. Basically, Joanna made wholesome, healthy meals based on her own kids’ favorites: pizza, chicken nuggets etc. She […]

Cupboard Pro

Christian, Keira and Kaley Young bring their dad’s invention, The Cupboard Pro, to Shark Tank episode 1002 in what will be a tear-jerker of a pitch. The product is pretty straightforward: it’s a cutting board with an attached receptacle or cup to stash the cut items in. Firehouse Chef and inventor Keith Young created the […]

Sunniva Super Coffee

Jordan DeCicco started making what became Sunniva Super Coffee in his dorm room at Philadelphia University. He didn’t like sugary energy drinks, so he whipped up a coffee based energy drink with milk solids and coconut oil. What he got was an energy boost AND a business. His fellow students like his concoction and started buying […]

Sap Maple Soda

Sap Maple Soda creators Nikita Salmon and Chas Smith grew up drinking maple sap from buckets in their family’s maple tree forest in Vermont. The family has over 300 acres of trees they’ve been “harvesting” since the 1950’s. They also harvest birch sap. The two cousins were brainstorming business ideas and when they came up […]

Zuva – African Inspired Clothing

Zuva is a line of African inspired clothing created and curated by entrepreneur Kelechi Anyadiegwa. She started the business after getting compliments on her own African inspired wardrobe. Instead of telling people where to buy the clothes, she smelled a business opportunity and started her company. That was in 2014. With just $500, some technical […]

Greatest of All-Time Pet Speaker

The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) Pet Speaker is one of many products in the GOAT Pet Products line. “Petrepreneur” Michelle Winowich initially started the company to give pet owners a place to buy quality pet products at good prices. While the business is primarily focussed on selling the pet speaker, GOAT also sells dog treats. […]

Smart Gurlz STEM Dolls

Sharmi Albrechtsen created Smart Gurlz when she built a toy for her daughters that taught them STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) principles. She knew how few girls got into STEM related fields as adults and she wanted to do something about it. Rather than fight the inherent gender bias in many toys, she rolled […]

The Scooping Bowl

Tyler Peoples shows the Sharks his Scooping Bowl invention in episode 824. It’s a bowl with a hinged, built-in spatula and it has multiple uses. The spatula clears out batter quicker and more efficiently than the traditional way and the hinged design allows it to work as a “double bowl,” colander, and egg separator. Peoples […]

Heavy Equipment Adventure – Extreme Sand Box

Randy Stenger likes playing in the dirt in a really BIG way, which is why he opened his heavy equipment adventure business, Extreme Sand Box, in 2013. His kids remarked that it would be cool to play on heavy equipment, so he Googled the idea and found one business that does it – in Florida. Since […]

Wood Bow Ties – Two Guys Bow Ties

Adam Teague and Tim Paslay are the two guys behind Two Guys Bow Ties. These aren’t your grandpa’s bow ties either, they are made out of exotic wood. Each bow tie is hand-made and comes with an adjustable band with attached bow-tie clasps. Two Guys Bow Ties also makes wood lapel pins and wood brimmed hats. […]

High Tech Insoles – Noene USA

Byron Scott, a retired NFL linebacker, pitches Noene USA, a line of high-tech insoles, to the Sharks in episode 624. Noene USA is a subsidiary of a Swiss company that produces the world’s thinnest and (as they claim) best shock absorbing insoles on the market today. Scott secured what amounts to a distribution agreement for […]

Lumio Pitch – The Most Important 30-second Answer Ever

The Internet was glowing in January with articles about the LUMIO pitch – beautiful product, elegant branding, logical growth plan, and a driven entrepreneur, Max Gunawan. Five sharks, five offers…which offer would your business accept? It’s a question you need to carefully evaluate BEFORE swimming with the sharks or any investor. Every business is different […]

Photo Printing Kit – Lumi

Jesse Genet created the first Lumi photo printing kit in her friend’s laundry room to continue to create tee shirts, something she’d been doing since age 16. She unveils the newest version of  Lumi in Shark Tank episode 622. She calls the method for the photo printing kit “the Lumi process.” What Lumi does is […]