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Unveiling Shroomacon: A Vegan Bacon Innovation on Shark Tank


Hey there, plant-based enthusiasts! Marvin and Aleah Montague are set to rock the stage on Shark Tank this January 26 with their revolutionary vegan creation – Shroomacon. Co-founders of the Baltimore-based start-up Meat The Mushroom, this power couple is on a mission to redefine the plant-based food scene with their delectable and health-conscious alternative to traditional bacon.

The Vegan Journey

In May 2021, Marvin and Aleah embarked on their culinary adventure by establishing Meat The Mushroom. Driven by Marvin’s seven-year vegan journey, the couple discovered the transformative power of a plant-based lifestyle. Within a year of going vegan, Marvin not only defeated an early diagnosis of heart disease but also bid farewell to asthma that had lingered since childhood. Their personal success story became the catalyst for creating a product that would allow others to savor the taste, texture, and aroma of bacon without compromising their dietary choices.

Shroomacon: A Culinary Marvel

The star of the show, Shroomacon, is a plant-based bacon crafted from just five clean-label ingredients. Marvin and Aleah take pride in the simplicity of their recipe, echoing their belief that the best things in life require only a few quality components. This small yet ambitious start-up aims to cater to vegans, vegetarians, and those looking to transition away from pork, offering a savory alternative that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

Facing the Sharks

As Meat The Mushroom steps into the spotlight of Shark Tank, they join the ranks of other trailblazing plant-based companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. Shroomacon distinguishes itself with its primary ingredient: mushrooms. In a market crowded with alternatives from established players like LightLife and Umaro Foods, which secured a $1 million deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, Shroomacon aims to carve its niche with a focus on simplicity and quality.

Competition in the Vegan Bacon Arena

Shroomacon faces stiff competition from well-established brands in the vegan bacon space. LightLife and Umaro  Foods, both with their unique approaches to faux bacon, are already making waves. Despite the crowded playing field, Meat The Mushroom’s creation stands out for its remarkably short ingredient list and a plethora of positive reviews.

As the anticipation builds for Meat The Mushroom’s appearance on Shark Tank, the vegan community eagerly awaits the verdict. Shroomacon’s potential to disrupt the vegan bacon market is undeniable, and its founders’ dedication to clean, plant-based living could sway the sharks in their favor. Whether or not they secure a deal, Shroomacon has already made an impression as a beacon of innovation in the world of plant-based alternatives. Stay tuned as Marvin and Aleah Montague take a bold step towards revolutionizing our plates and palates with Shroomacon!

My Take on Shroomacon

I try every food product that appears on Shark Tank and this will not be an exception. I’ve tried Pan’s Mushroom Jerky and I really liked it. Since I like both bacon and mushrooms, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

Will Sharks Bring Home the Bacon?

Mark won’t invest in this, even though he’s invested in Pan’s, Everything Legendary, Umaro and other vegan businesses. He has a conflict of interest with Umaro, so he’ll be out. Any of the other Sharks could be in however. Both Lori and Mr. Wonderful are vegan (or close enough) so they could make offers. Daniel is the consumate food marketer and has invested in food products on Shark Tank. Having him as a partner could catapult Meat the Mushroom into national retailers in a short time. Daymond, if he sees other Sharks making offers, could get in to “turn the screws” on them – a strategy he’s used in the past.

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