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Jay Cutler’s Pet Butter Hits the Big Screen on Shark Tank

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Jay’s Pet Butter founder Jay Cutler, the four-time Mr. Olympia, has built a legacy not only in the bodybuilding world but also as an entrepreneur. Beyond his success on the bodybuilding stage, Cutler has ventured into various business ventures, including the creation of unique products. His latest venture takes him into the world of pet care with “Jay’s Pet Butter.” This innovative product will be showcased on the upcoming episode of “Shark Tank” on January 26, promising a delightful treat for our furry friends.


Jay Cutler’s journey from bodybuilding champion to successful entrepreneur has been nothing short of remarkable. After retiring from the competitive bodybuilding scene in 2013, Cutler transitioned into the world of social media, sharing his insights into bodybuilding and fitness. His success continued with the creation of supplements designed to enhance gym-goers’ performance and results.

Now, Cutler is set to take on a new challenge—pitching his pet product, Jay’s Pet Butter, on the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” This marks a significant expansion of Cutler’s brand into the pet industry.

Jay’s Pet Butter Packs in the Nutrition

Jay’s Pet Butter boasts a range of features that make it stand out in the market. The pet butters are Xylitol Free and do not contain Hydrogenated Oil, sugar, salt, palm oil, or high fructose corn syrup. These treats are handcrafted with wholesome ingredients such as peanuts, blueberries, sweet potatoes, banana chips, and flax seeds, providing a healthy and delicious option for pets of all ages.

What sets Jay’s Pet Butter apart is not only its clean ingredients but also its supplemental benefits. The inclusion of glucosamine is particularly noteworthy, offering support for hips and joints, contributing to the overall well-being of pets. The flavors available include blueberry and sweet potato, banana chips, flax seeds & glucosamine, bacon bits, and dessert dough.

The versatility of Jay’s Pet Butter is another key selling point. Whether enjoyed straight from the jar, on a spoon, inside toys, on lick mats, or even refrigerated for pill pockets, pet owners have various options for treating their furry companions.

In the Tank

Jay Cutler’s appearance on “Shark Tank” to pitch Jay’s Pet Butter is an exciting development in his entrepreneurial journey. The genuine love for pets that inspired this product is evident in its thoughtful formulation and variety of flavors. As pet owners eagerly anticipate the episode, Jay’s Pet Butter stands poised to become a household favorite for those who cherish their furry friends. With clean ingredients, supplemental benefits, and a touch of love, Jay’s Pet Butter is set to make a splash in the pet care market.

My Take on Jay’s Pet Butter

I have a 70 pound American Bulldog named Zoey. She’s a wild and rambunctious dog with a ton of personality. I, of course, spoil her rotten. She LOVES peanut butter when I put it in her Kong Ball. I also give her a glucosamine chew every day to keep her joints from hurting. The fact that Jay put glucosamine in his butters makes me want Zoey to try them. I will definitely be ordering a jar or two.

Do Sharks Butter Up a Deal?

I don’t think Jay leaves with a deal tonight. Lori doesn’t do pet products. Neither does Kevin. I’m not sure about Daniel or Mark, but I’m guessing they don’t mmake offers either. Daymond is the only hope and I think it’s a longshot. The reason I feel this way is the company’s website doesn’t have that “polished” feel that a company in business with a Shark has.

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