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Bar Bees Bartending: Mixing Fun and Cocktails

bar bees bartending

The founders of Bar Bees Bartending know that in the realm of party planning, immersive themes have become the heartbeat of memorable gatherings. However, the challenge arises when hosts find themselves spending more time behind the bar than mingling with their guests. Bar Bees Bartending, founded by Jess Blakeley and Willow Sprague, emerges as the solution to this predicament, bringing a blend of mixology expertise and a passion for people to the forefront. This Nashville-based company, set to appear on Shark Tank on January 26, initially started as an event bartending service in 2019 and has since evolved into a dynamic business offering both in-person and virtual cocktail classes.

Covid-19 and Starting a Business

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Jess and Willow demonstrated resilience by pivoting their business to cater to the virtual space. BarBees’ virtual cocktail classes gained popularity, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for participants even from the comfort of their homes. As restrictions eased and people welcomed guests back into their homes, Bar Bees seamlessly integrated an in-person component into their services.

Bar Bees Classes

The scope of Bar Bees’ cocktail classes has expanded beyond Nashville, reaching vibrant cities like New York City, Austin, Palm Springs, Fla., and Scottsdale, Ariz. For those who prefer remote participation, BarBees continues to offer virtual classes for remote teams. The format of a Bar Bees class is centered around teaching various bartending techniques while guiding participants through the creation of two or three cocktails, all within approximately 90 minutes.

Hosts have the flexibility to choose the cocktails in advance, and BarBees provides a comprehensive package that includes all necessary ingredients, dry goods, and bartending tools for each guest. The simplicity of the process allows hosts to focus on enjoying the evening, as the Bar Bees instructors take care of setup, cleanup, and bring their supplies home at the end of the event. It’s an easy-peasy solution to elevate any celebration.

The Cost

The pricing structure varies slightly across markets, with Nashville positioned at the affordable end of the scale. BarBees charges $60 per person for two cocktails or $80 per person for three, with a minimum of eight participants. For larger groups exceeding twelve students, an automatic gratuity is added on top of the class fee.

Whether you’re seeking a unique corporate team-building experience or planning a festive celebration for a birthday, holiday, or bachelorette trip, BarBees offers mobile cocktail classes tailored to any occasion and location. It’s important to note that Bar Bees’ packages do not include alcohol, placing the responsibility on participants to provide the required spirits.

Shake up your celebration with a BarBees cocktail class, where fun and mixology seamlessly come together to create a buzz-worthy experience for all participants. As Jess Blakeley and Willow Sprague bring their innovative bartending service to the Shark Tank stage, the world eagerly awaits to witness the next chapter of BarBees Bartending.

My Take on Bar Bees

This seems like a fun thing to do with a group of friends, family or co-workers. I enjoy cocktails myself and have fun making them at parties. At $60-90 per class, the cost is on par with a fun evening at a bar. I may actually book a class as they have a location in Tampa which is not far from where I live.

Will Sharks Feel The Buzz?

Which Shark will make an offer? My guess is either Mark or Kevin. Kevin has built a platform around the wedding industry and Bar Bees caters to bachalorette parties, so he could be interested. Mark has invested in businesses that offer experiences in the past including Alice’s Table, Rugged Maniac and Truffle Shuffle. I wouldn’t be surpised if Mark does a deal.

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