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Mama Sing My Song: A Musical Journey

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In the heart of Indiana, Amanda Seibert found solace in a simple melody during the late-night hours of motherhood. Little did she know that this lullaby, born out of desperation to soothe her fussy baby, Jane, would evolve into the heartwarming business known as Mama Sing My Song. As Amanda takes her musical venture to the Shark Tank stage on January 26, let’s explore the enchanting story behind Mama Sing My Song and its commitment to spreading love through personalized tunes for children.

From Lullabies to Global Melodies

The journey began with a mother’s instinct to comfort her baby through the power of music. Amanda wrote a song that not only pacified baby Jane but became a cherished routine in their household. As Jane grew older, the simple request, “Mama, sing my song!” paved the way for an extraordinary transformation. Mama Sing My Song has since evolved into a collaborative effort, with a team of dedicated songwriters, artists, and musicians, creating enchanting melodies for kids worldwide.

The Heart of Mama Sing My Song

Mama Sing My Song is not just a business; it’s a heartfelt mission to remind children that they are seen, valued, and loved through the power of personalized music. The commitment extends beyond the songs, including adorable singing stuffed animals and a philanthropic program that donates songs to children in Foster Care. Amanda and her team consider it a privilege to help children feel the warmth of love and support.

Custom Songs for Kids

At the core of Mama Sing My Song’s offerings are the Custom Songs for kids. The process is a personalized journey, allowing customers to choose between the Keepsake Song and the Acapella Song. The Keepsake Song, featured on Shark Tank, offers a studio recording with music, while the Acapella Song provides a pure, one-voice rendition without musical accompaniment. The customization involves a questionnaire capturing the unique qualities of each child, ensuring a tailor-made musical experience.

The Three-Step Process

  1. Choose Your Song: Decide between the Keepsake Song or the Acapella Song, each offering a distinct musical experience.
  2. Customize Your Song: Answer a set of questions about your child, capturing their adorable nuances and your hopes for their future.
  3. Enjoy Your Custom Song: Within 1-3 weeks, receive a digital MP3 or M4A of the customized song, ready for singing, dancing, and snuggling.

Bundle Options

Mama Sing My Song offers enticing bundle options, making the experience even more special. The Shark Tank Bundle, Acapella Bundle, and Classic Song Bundle cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring a delightful musical treat for every family.

Singing Stuffed Animals

Adding a unique twist, Mama Sing My Song introduces adorable singing stuffed animals. These soft and cuddly companions come pre-loaded with the custom song, turning each snuggle into a musical adventure. The singing stuffed animals are available as add-ons to any song package, making them the perfect companion for your little one.

Mama Sing My Song is not just about music; it’s about creating magical moments for families. Amanda Seibert’s journey from a late-night rocking chair in Indiana to the Shark Tank stage is a testament to the power of a mother’s love and the universal appeal of personalized melodies. As Mama Sing My Song continues to spread joy and warmth globally, it’s clear that the enchanting notes crafted by this passionate team have the ability to create lasting memories and smiles on the faces of children worldwide.

My Take on Mama Sing My Song

When one of our daughters was little, her grandparents gave her a “custom song” on a cassette tape. It was produced by a company and it was terrible quality. The song was called “A Special Day for Shelby.” The chorus was “It’s a special day for Shelby.” The problem was the name “Shelby” was quite obviously inserted and in a completely different voice than the rest of the song. We laugh about it to this day. These songs are much higher quality. I’d get one for a kid – it’s a cool gift.

Will Sharks Sing?

I can’t see the Sharks investing here. Daymond and Mark already invested in a custom song business, so there’s a conflict there. This type of business really isn’t up Lori or Daniel’s alley either. The only hope is Mr. Wonderful with a royalty offer.

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