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Mama Sing My Song

mama sing my songValerie Stratton Guerra, Amanda Seibert and Danny Seibert sing out for a deal for Mama Sing My Song, a business that creates custom songs for kids, in Shark Tank episode 1508. Amanda is the founder of the business. It all started when her daughter was little and Amanda made up a song for her daughter to sooth her at bedtime. Her  daughter, Jane, would say “mama sing my song” whenever she wanted to hear it.

That simple idea led Amanda to begin recording custom songs for other children. The songs can be sung acapella or with complete instrumentation and even back-up vocals. They can also be placed inside a plush toy so it can sing the child his or her song.

Custom songs start at $99 each and go up from there depending on whether you want acapella or a full production recording. They also offer bundles. The Shark Tank Bundle features a plush toy with a Keepsake Song (full production) for $249. The Acapella Bundle has a plush toy with an acapella song for $149. The Classic Song bundle features your child’s favorite children’s song for $49. The company has a heart and donates singing toys to children in foster care. Amanda and company likely want a Shark’s help scaling the business.

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Mama Sing My Song: A Musical Journey

Mama Sing My Song Shark Tank Recap

Valerie, Amanda and Danny enter the Shark Tank seeking $125,000 for 10% equity in their company. Amanda say as parents, we all want our children to be happy and healthy inside and out.  Parents today are challenged to find tools that will help make their children wonderful, confident and resilient. It can be tough to always be there for our children. That’s where Mama Sing My Song comes in. They write custom songs for kids that let them know they are seen, valued and loved.

Everyone knows kids become obsessed with 2 things: their favorite stuffed animal and their favorite song – on repeat for days. With that in mind, Mama Sing My Song packages each child’s custom song into huggable stuffed animals. They’re more than just a toy, they’re a companion kids can turn to when they need a little extra love and encouragement. They address Daymond and say he can’t always be there to put his daughter to bed. Daymond’s wife Heather and daughter Mika come onstage. They worked with Mama Sing My Song to create a custom song especially for Mika.

Mika plays her song. Daymond looks choked up and says “don’t cry, don’t cry” when the song ends. Mark tells Daymond to make an offer right  now. They tell the Sharks they’ve created thousands of songs and that they donate free songs and stuffed animals to children in foster care. Next, they sak which Shark wants to Join them in making a difference, one song at a time. Daymond comes onstage and hugs his daughter.


Daymond says the song made him feel warm and fuzzy like Disneyland. He also said there were little details about his relationship with his daughter that he noticed. They customize each song. They don’t use AI right now, the songs are written by humans – mostly moms. The customer orders the song, then fills out a form about the child. Next, the songwriter writes the song based on the child’s likes. After that, they have the option of ordering a studio recording. They have a whole team of people totalling 20 artists that work with them.

An acapella song is $99, a song recorded in a studio is $250. The stuffed animal is an extra $59. Valerie and Amanda met in college and have been best friends ever since. Danny and Amanda are married with 3 kids. She got the idea while driving with her first daughter when she was little. The daughter was being fussy, so Amanda made up a little song about her on the fly and it calmed her down. She began singing the song over and over and over. Her daughter would say to her, “momma, sing my song.”

When her son was born, she made up a song for him. She made songs for nieces and nephews and friend’s kids and one day a stranger from across the country who was a friend of a friend reached out and asked if he could pay her to write songs for his kids. Amanda took Chic Fil-A gift cards as payment.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Kevin wants to know how he makes money. They have $1.4 million in sales over the last 5 years. 90% of those sales have come in the last 2.5 years. In 2022, they had $420,000 in sales and in 2023 they’re on track to do $450,000 to $575,000. The company’s lifetime net is 25%. So far this year their net is 32%. Kevin says a competitor could come in and write songs with AI. He asks why they don’t get rid of the artists to make more money. Amanda says she wants that human element. Daniel says they can offer a choice  to customers between AI or human generated songs.

Mark thinks what they’ve done is incredible, but he doesn’t see it as an investable business; he’s out. Kevin loves the “Kumbaya” story but he doesee how he’ll get his moback; he’s out. Daniel thinks they need to “keep the soul” of the business alive” and proposed the he, Daymond and Lori team up to make an offer. Lori says it’s not just about money, it’s about helping others. Lori asks if Daymond wants in and he says yes.  He asks what percentage of the company each of them owns and they say they’re equal partners at 33.3%. Lori offers $125,000 for 33.3% and they get all 3 Sharks. Danny counters with 25% and Daniel suggests $150,000 for 33.3%. Ammanda and company accept!

Mama Sing My Song Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. As of the first re-run of this episode in June, 2024, there is no evidence the deal with the 3 Sharks closed. At this time, the company is still offering its “Shark Tank Bundle” which includes: Custom Song, “Keepsake” Studio Recording with music, Singing Stuffed Animal, Lyric Artwork Generator, Sheet Music, Free “Good Old Days” Printable Artwork, 9 additional Classic Kids’ Songs and Free US shipping.

The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on Mama Sing My Song & Valerie Stratton Guerra, Amanda Seibert and Danny Seibert as more details become available.