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Shark Profiles

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Below is a list of the Shark Profiles. The Sharks listen to Entrepreneurs who make the pitch of their life on National TV, looking to get funding for their business ideas. The Sharks almost always counter, what Entrepreneurs propose, but occasionally, The Sharks are willing to pay more to beat another Shark out of the deal.

The Sharks all began as Entrepreneurs prior to transitioning into the investor role, giving them a unique perspective, when critiquing each deal. So far, eight investors have participated on the show. Two of the investors, Kevin Harrington and Jeff Foxworthy no longer appear, while QVC Queen, Lori Greiner, and Real Estate Mogul, Barbara Corcoran rotate appearances.

The Shark Profiles

  • Daymond John        – Founder and CEO/President FUBU, FB legacy and Shark Branding
  • Robert Herjavec      – The Herjavec Group, Dragon’s Den,
  • Barbara Corcoran  – Founder, The Corcoran Group
  • Mark Cuban              – Owner, Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theatres, Magnolia Pictures
  • Kevin O’Leary          – O’Leary Funds, O’Leary Fine Wines
  • Lori Greiner             – Queen Of QVC, Inventor and Entrepreneur
  • Nick Woodman – Owner Go Pro Cameras
  • Steve Tisch – Film and TV producer and NFL executive
  • John Paul DeJoria – Hair Care Tycoon and Philanthropist
  • Chris Sacca – former Google executive and the founder of VC firm Lowercase Capital
  • Ashton Kutcher – TV Personality and Actor turned Venture Capitalist
  • Troy Carter – founder of entertainment management company Atom Factory
  • Kevin Harrington  – Co-founded HSN (Home Shopping Network), TV Goods, As Seen On TV
  • Jeff Foxworthy       – Comedian, Brand Builder and Investor

The Sharks Appearing on Dragons Den

The Canadian Reality TV Show, Dragons Den, provided the inspiration for ABC’s Shark Tank. Two Sharks, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary, also appear on Dragon’s Den. The show is blocked in the USA, but clips occasionally make it into Google feeds and YouTube.

Investors Don’t Fight Like The Sharks…

Just because, an Entrepreneur never experienced a negotiation like what happens on Shark Tank Reality TV, doesn’t it won’t happen in real world negotiations. Each investor offers a different approach, and sometimes you will find yourself in a room full of investors, pitching to 10,20 even a hundred investors if you have the connections.

The best strategy to deal with The Sharks or any investor, is to study the previous episodes, join Toastmasters and practice your pitch, and know your numbers. You can never be too prepared to walk into the Shark Tank.


  1. Steven Levine says

    I created a niche placement on HSN in the 1990’s and created merchandise that
    HSN wanted and needed at that time. What a pleasure in those days to develop
    and sell them. Today a much different program and certainly more risk.

    Guys I know what is coming to you and certainly it isnt exciting or gaining
    any real future. You group of investors especially Barbara is successful in
    NY real estate but investing and seeing the real side of how these for the most
    part limited products can be successful is the real concern. QVC or what ever you
    cant be every thing to everyone.

  2. Sue DeWees says

    I have to tell all you shark tanks……You had a man on the other night who wanted you to invest in a water bottle that also has a filter. My husband and I were ready to go out and purchase these as soon as they hit the market. We were so disappointed you did not invest. Please let me know where we can purchase these bottles. They only came in blue and his presentation was terrible. I know you have to remember him because you so trashed him. Thanks and sorry you guys did not invest. Bad mistake.

  3. Person has an invention they believe in. Prototype in hand and don’t have the financial resources to patent or market.
    How does a person show this idea and get investors? The process is very confusing for someone who has a great idea, just no idea how to get it to market.

  4. ronald jackson says

    I would to know if you some one who can make a Solar Powered of hovercraft . it would be a cheap clean craft to get back and forth to work in . I can not fined one so may be you know some who can bild one and may be you now a good way to sell . I have patton on this but the lord gave me the idea but do not know how to do it all but you all do. so I was hopping to get % on this would you like to help bild my dream

    • Joe Harkins says

      You have a patton?

      Sir, i doubt you have a Patton military tank in your garage just as surely as I doubt you have a PATENT on anything.

      First thing you need to learn (aside from the correct spelling of something that costs many thousands of dollars and a lot of work and a long time to earn) is that you cannot patent or copyright an idea or a concept. If it is a patent you seek, you must create that item and be able to demonstrate it in some physical form. If it is a copyright, you must create the actual book, song, film, photo, statue, software program, etc. in some expressed format (meaning real and available to one of the five senses) .

  5. Why is it not stated when we meet an Entrepreneur on the show which option the person has signed over to Finnmax? Your Wikipedia page says they have to either do one of the following, promising Finnmax a “2 percent royalty” or “5% equity stake” in the contestant’s business venture. This would mean that not everyone has a 100% ownership before even stepping into the tank. I just seems that information like that should be included while the haggling is being conducted and not is some fine print.
    Transparency anyone?

  6. sergio lopez says

    This is what I have, And I want to get it to the manufacturers:

  7. Jason Anderson says

    I don’t know if any of you watch shark tank. But they just had a women on there that is basically running a sweat shop with elders. It was disgusting. She had them knitting hand bags for 17 bucks. She said it cost $40 total after paying them. She sells them for $225, so she makes $185 each!!!!!
    She said it takes them a week to knit 3 bags, and she has 30 knitters. 3x 30 = 90 , 90 x $185= $16,660. The 30 elders got $510. How messed up of a society are we freaking living in when a person exploits the elderly on national TV and nobody is even concerned. I think IT’S freaking sickening, to see stuff like that, and people are cool with it. Please share the hell out of this, so at least our elders get a fare shake, greedy women!! And that sorry person was making out like she was giving them purpose. To all the sorry people that treat our elderly like they’re in the way, you will pay for your thinking one day. Quit being sorry as hell people. I’m goi g to be posting this on e ery site I can find.


    What was the weight loss product that all the sharks invested in, that the two ladies came up with?

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