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The Last Lid Kevin Kiernan

The Last LidEntrepreneur Kevin Kiernan created The Last Lid, a canvas style cover made to stay on your garbage can, even if it gets knocked over. No longer do you need to worry about the lid blowing off and then being run over by a car driving by.

Kevin Kiernan will appear on Shark Tank to pitch The Sharks for an investment in his product, The Last Lid. Will the deal be right for Kiernan? He’s made a deal with somebody because his new AsSeeOnTV website is coming live. The same people who have done the Anytime Grill are in the process of building his website and are supposed to have it live this Friday night.

According to quote from articles online, Kiernan claims to have made 200 covers right from his home. Obviously, he’s struck a manufacturing deal because he’s likely to have a substantial amount of sales when Shark Tank airs.

I’m not sure that he’s done a deal with the Sharks. He may have, and maybe not. He’s quoted as working on another half-dozen inventions which is something investors aren’t always happy to hear. They typically want to stay focused on the one that they are investing in.

Still, Kiernan’s product is fairly simple, can be outsourced and is something that the AsSeenOnTV group would automate. Who knows, maybe he sold the rights and he gets a royalty?

Kiernan may be turned into a pitch man, he’s got the look to fit, and he does appear on the new website. The video presentation isn’t live yet, it will be interesting to see if he is the pitch guy.

I think Kevin Keirnan will be an interesting Entrepreneur to watch on Shark Tank. We’re soon going to find out if he’s done the pitch to get the deal.  What do you think?


  1. If it works as stated – very cool.

  2. last Baby Boomer says

    Look like a great idea. I am the type of person that like to see something before I buy it hold it it my hand.

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      Hi Last Baby Boomer,
      I guarantee you that this will be perfect for you. If not send it back and I will refund double your money. Kev K

  3. Lovely. I hope he get the deal done. My garbage can been knocked over many times each night. Small animals love it. But we hate to clean up in the morning. So, I’ll get one if I can a sales channel.

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      I’m with you Nicolas, but guess what I use it already and I never have to worry again about the wind, animals etc. B uy it you will be happy. Thanks Kev K

  4. Anne Thomas says

    Sounds like a very interesting idea 🙂 I am a bit skeptical (however we do have bears that drop by here)..

  5. Agreed, looks like the coons would go right through it, but it would certainly do the trick in wind

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      Hope all is well. I see that you agreed with Jason on the blog and thanks for doing that. I will post a portion of what I wrote regarding his concerns: ” I sell two versions. Basically a standard version, perfect for everyday use and then a more industrial version that is made of a military grade material. Nothing is getting through that one. I guarantee my products, so when you do buy a Last Lid and if for any reason an issue comes up. Just email me at [email protected] and I will respond immediately.” I hope trhis helps and the same goes for you, just email me, I will respond.
      Thanks, Kev K

  6. what do the trashmen think…?

  7. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) says

    We’re not troubled by bears in Australia but strong winds do sometime cause a problem when the trash is put out for collection – but the covers won’t be used then. Good luck with it.

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      If wind is the issue for you, then the Last Lid is really the solution. I truly mean that. These lids need a human hand to remove them. Buy it and I will guarantee it. Thanks, Kev K
      By the way: Do you get the show in Australia?

  8. Jason flaugh says

    would animals be able to smell the food more or less? I am assuming claws would make fast work of those tops.

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      Thanks for the question. And believe I am completely sane as you hopefully will see if you tune into the show tomorrow night. But I have videotaped these animals for weeks and studied their behaviors. My original designs didn’t work, I had to up the fabric and make it strong. I sell two versions. Basically a standard version, perfect for everyday use and then a more industrial version that is made of a military grade material. Nothing is getting through that one. I guarantee my products, so when you do buy a Last Lid and if for any reason an issue comes up. Just email me at [email protected] and I will respond immediately.
      Thanks, Kev K

  9. I remember when private cans were used here in CT and the issue of cans falling over. It not only affected full cans but empty cans as well; many lids were lost in windstorms.

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      Dave, You are talking my language. Where do all the lids go Dave? I don’t know but the Last Lid stays attached to the handle. No more mystery. Worth the investment. Thanks Kev K

  10. it does sound interesting…if it works
    Cool 🙂

    • Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

      Sharon not only does it work but get this: Copy and paste this: I will guarantee my product: the Last Lid will work for Sharon or I will give her money back. There you go. Kev K

  11. Rami Kantari says

    Interesting and creative, all the best.

  12. sounds a great product.

  13. Our garbage cans are supplied by the company. We couldn’t use these.

  14. Kevin the creator of Last Lid says

    Heylo to all,
    My name is Kevin and I created the Last Lid. I did it for my wife who pestered me to no end. Basically I sell two types. The regular version which works fantastic for you everyday needs. Then I have a more industrial version for people with larger issues and higher winds. Two things: 1. Animals or the wind knock over the garbage can and then animals get to it or even better your personal stuff is all over the street simply because the lid fell off. 2. With the Last Lid, you can over-stuff, knock it down, hold it upside down…do whatever you want but guess what? The garbage stays in the trash can. go to facebook and follow my fan page, I will be giving some away in the next few days. Questions email me at [email protected]….Don’t forget to watch the show ABC Friday Feb 17th at 8pm est. Thanks everybody.
    Kev K

  15. Kevin,
    Every state does not have basic round garbage cans that could use elasticized LAST LIDS. Infact, many are heavy duty with attached covers. I’m in southern California but I’ve lived back east. We have big trucks that have electic arms that pick up the heavy garbage bins, dump the garbage into the top of the truck and then place the bins back down onto the streets. The big question though is whether you have considered what will happen to the material when it gets dirty. when these lids are exposed to garbage when toppled down by the wind wouldn’t there be mold and mildew. Who is going to want to touch these LAST LIDS? Yes, you can use gloves. You never responded to how sanitation workers handle these material LAST LIDS. I understand why you have those zip ties. If these garbage cans blow over with garbage in it… Why wouldn’t the garbage cans blow away with nothing in them including the LAST LID that is attached with the zip ties? Do the sanitation workers still run out of the trucks and put the garbage in the back of the truck…still? Maybe some states need to update their garbage bins. Another thought, you can sell these covers to women who use large rollers when they take showers and don’t want to get their hair wet. Sorry but I don’t think the sharks will go for this one. I’ll expect to see these in the store at a very reduced price. I love the show…and I will definitely watch tonight. Good Luck with your other projects.

    • Ok, I watched the show. You did get a shark at the last minute. Most of the sharks did not think this was a good product or one where you would make a lot of money. I think that I should go into the business of making garbage cans like they have in Southern California and sell them in states like New Jersey. If you could sell your enthusiam in as package, now that’s a product the sharks would be very interested in. Again, good luck.

  16. Where is the video on the website? Looks interesting, but I want to see video- just like on TV!

    • melissa kiernan says

      The infomercial will be posted in a few days on the website. Just waiting for traffic to slow up and then it will be up. The video you saw on the show was done by the show during a home shoot with us.

  17. Mindee Rosen says

    Hi Keven,

    Congrads! Break a leg!!! A think you have a GREAT product! Looking forward to seeing big things happen, for the “Last Lid”!!!

  18. Dudley…
    I live in southern Michigan and yes.. Our sanitation workers still jump out and dump trash. Kevin..we live in a house that backs up to the woods. Every single morning we wake to find our trash all over our yard. When I saw this I thought it was great! About an hour ago, I went to the side yatd and saw that my trash was all over once again. I immediately thought of Last Lid from Shark Tank, Googled it and will be placing my order after I leave this comment! Good work!

  19. Squirrel or raccoon chewed right through the last lid. Return policy on the customer service section of the website says “We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you’re not, simply send your item back in its new, unused condition, and we would be happy to provide a full refund of the purchase price minus the shipping and handling costs.” I’m going to call. Hopefully I’ll get my money back?

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