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Rekixx Kickstarter Campaign

Gary Gagnon was one of the first Shark Tank entrepreneurs to use Kickstarter in conjunction with his appearance in season three, now he has another Rekixx Kickstarter campaign running. In June, 2012 – just a couple of months after appearing on Shark Tank, Gagnon successfully raised over $44K on Kickstarter. He used the funds as […]

Rest in Peace KJ Nardo

The Shark Tank family lost one of its bright lights last night when KJ Nardo was struck and killed by an oncoming car after he lost control of his motorcycle while avoiding an animal in the road. The Nardo brothers were funded in season 3 by Barbara Corcoran for their line of natural, organic, skin […]

What ever happened to Queenie Davis and Boot Illusions?

Queenie Davis was a HUGE hit with Shark Tank fans after appearing in Shark Tank episode 313 with her partner, Andrew Goodrum. The pair struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran, but the deal never materialized.  Since the episode aired, Shark Tank Blog was inundated with inquires about Queenie Davis and Boot Illusions. I caught up […]

ScotteVest entrepreneur Scott Jordan 1 year later

ScottEvest entrepreneur Scott Jordan’s pitch to the Sharks in episode 311 in season three took on a life of its own after the show originally aired. Scott pitched the licensing piece of his business, Technology Enabled Clothing, to the Sharks unsuccessfully and Scott got into a huge, public, online feud with billionaire shark, Mark Cuban. […]

Trash Can Lid Entrepreneur Melissa Kiernan Interview

A lost trash can lid is a fact of life in urban and suburban America, no matter where you live. Finding a replacement trash can lid was next to impossible for a New Jersey entrepreneurial couple, Kevin and Melissa Kiernan, so they sought to rectify the situation by inventing The Last Lid. It’s a heavy-duty, […]

Hurricane Sandy Victims helped by Debbie Brooks

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New York and New Jersey coastal communities in October and the residual effects are still being felt. Hurricane Sandy left more than 6 million people without power, caused nearly $50 Billion in damages, and completely destroyed entire coastal communities in New Jersey. Over a month later, things are starting to […]

Chord Buddy Update with Travis Perry

There is a Chord Buddy update in episode 409. Chord Buddy  first appeared in the Shark Tank season 3 premier. Entrepreneur Travis Perry got big laughs when he said he was from “LA – Lower Alabama,” but it was his sincere and heartfelt personality and desire to create a musical education product that landed him […]

Jared Joyce Update on Plug Hub and Post Shark Tank Life

Plug Hub isn’t the product Jared Joyce presented to the Sharks in episode 302 which re-runs this Friday, November 30. Jared originally pitched his Five Minute Furniture in a very entertaining pitch that featured one of the funniest entrepreneur quotes from season three: “You guys want to get married, I’m saying, ‘buy me a drink […]

Negative Ion Wristwatch: ESSO Watches

ESSO Watches made a big splash in the Shark Tank, for the wrong reasons. Mark Cuban called out entrepreneur Ryan Naylor and labeled ESSO Watches’ negative ion technology a scam. A quick investigation revealed the jury is out on  ESSO Watches health benefits, but it is an inexpensive bracelet that comes in cool colors and has a […]

Baking Up Big Sales with the Smart Baker

Baking goodies for the holidays is practically a national pass time and Smart Baker entrepreneur Daniel Rensing is banking on that fact. The young Florida entrepreneur who got Smart Baker funded by Barabara Corcoran in episode 311 has really stepped up his game in the past few months. He recently shipped a lot of product […]

All Blown Up by Shelly Ehler on Today Show

All Blown Up is Shelly “ShowNo Towels” Ehler’s latest business venture. Shelly is really hammering the airwaves Thanksgiving week, her Show No Towels segment re-aired Sunday, November 18 and on Black Friday, November 23, Shelly will appear on the Today Show with her new, life-sized blown-up photo and poster business called All Blown Up. Never […]

ReKixx ReMyxx Sneaker Update

ReKixx sneakers may or may not be familiar to Shark Tank fans, but ReMyxx Sneakers ought to ring a bell. ReMyxx Sneakers founder Gary Gagnon got a deal on the air from Daymond in episode 312, the season three finale of Shark Tank. Since then, Gary changed the name to ReKixx. Episode 312 has a […]

Full Service Day Spa Opens – Nardo’s Natural – Update

Updates and follow-ups are a big part of the Shark Tank. Every week, usually after the first pitch, there will be an update on an entrepreneur that has appeared on the show. The update segment isn’t always about a business that got funded, either. There have been many follow-ups on companies that did not get […]

WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Battles a Shark

Shelly Ehler is taking on the WWE in the “it doesn’t get much stranger than this” category. The popular Shark Tank entrepreneur took a much-needed break from hitting the Water Park Operators and USSA Swimming trade shows to take her eight year old son to see his WWE idol, Sheamus, battle “bad guy” Alberto Del […]

Vinamor Gary DeJohn funds St. Jude’s Hospital

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Gary DeJohn says Vinamor to give 50% of proceeds to St.Judes Gary DeJohn got his 15 minutes of fame in March 2012 on ABC’s The Shark Tank with his wine aerator, The Vinamor. Now, he wants shine the limelight on St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The 29-year-old CEO announced today that the […]

Blondie’s Cookies is still Cooking

Blondie’s Cookies is another example of a would-be Shark Tank business that will succeed without the Sharks.  Blondie’s Cookies has a good product, a loyal following, and a 25 year plus history. Everyone loved entrepreneur Brenda Coffman (Blondie) who started the business while still in college back in 1984. What the Sharks didn’t like about Blondie’s […]

Viewsport Re-run on Shark Tank

Viewsport, the athletic wear with “sweat activated technology,” re-runs Friday night, August 10. This episode of Shark Tank originally aired Friday, April 13. I remember thinking this company had a shot at getting funded. Unfortunately, Viewsport entrepreneur Ben Wood overvalued his company in the eyes of the Sharks. He was looking for $500K for a […]

Copa Di Vino Second Shot

Copa Di Vino made Shark Tank history by pitching to the Sharks TWICE: once in season two and once in season three. The end result for Copa Di Vino was the same both times; entrepreneur James Martin said “thanks but no thanks” to the Sharks. In a reversal of the valuation conundrum faced by many Shark […]

Gary Gagnon Remyxx Founder Interview

Gary Gagnon, a former vice principal turned would be sneaker tycoon, is the founder of Remyxx, the 100% recycled sneakers seen on the season finale of Shark Tank. I spoke with Gary recently to get his feedback on his appearance and an update on Remyxx’s progress. Gary made a deal with Daymond John who offered […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs join Mission Small Business

Shark Tank has funded businesses and given many other businesses a public relations and marketing boost that can’t have a value put on it. Many past Shark Tank entrepreneurs have gone on to success and fortune, and many continue on that journey on a near constant basis. Four former entrants into the Shark Tank are […]

Wine Balloon Gets Another Deal

Wine Balloon creator Eric Corti made a big splash in the Shark Tank when he initially appeared in Episode 304 in Season three. His indecisiveness infuriated many fans. As Eric hemmed and hawed over offers from the sharks, Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban, who teamed up on the deal, lowered their offer. This was a […]

Shark Tank Season 3 Finale Bring on Season 4!

The Shark Tank is all done. Summertime will bring us re-runs where we can see our favorites once again, but we will have to wait awhile for new episodes. All the buzz is the open casting calls have seen a ridiculous amount of wanna be shark bait trying out to be on the show. Having […]

Remyxx Recycled Sneakers Using Shark Tank Publicity Wisely

Remyxx founder, Gary Gagnon, who brings his recycled sneakers into the Shark Tank Friday night, has been EVERYWHERE this last week or so. I haven’t communicated with him directly, but we have tweeted back and forth a bit. He was excited about getting a shout out from Perez Hilton and we traded a few tweets on […]

Your Phone Is Your Key

Unikey is a smart phone enabled “key” for your home; founder Phil Dumas brings his revolutionary technology into the Shark Tank this Friday in what appears to be the “hot product” of the season’s final episode. The ABC press release for this final episode of Shark Tank states “The Sharks start a feeding frenzy for a […]

Remyxx Recycled Sneakers

  Remyxx, founded by entrepreneur Gary Gagnon, brings a line of sneakers made from 100% recycled materials into the Shark Tank on Friday for the season three finale. Remyxx calls its footwear “Sneakers with a purpose” and they are targeting the Green Market. The sneaks are made from a “special blend of lab certified, recyclable materials.” […]