You Smell Soap – Megan Cummins

You Smell Soap founder Megan Cummins enters the Shark Tank on Friday night where she will launch the signature line of all-natural bar and paper soaps in the United States. Cummins is revealing her Paper Soap product to the Shark Tank investors and making her pitch. The soap is a great idea coming in single use sheets, easily carried […]

Emotions Roll During Shark Tank Pitch

Emotions Roll During Shark Tank Pitch leaving The Sharks shedding tears. This is reality on the show. The hit TV show Shark Tank showcases Entrepreneurs who are pitching their products and services to five Angel Investors who are proven Entrepreneurs themselves. I’ve written about the show over the past few years using it to share my […]

Dave Greco The Salespreneur Preview

Dave Greco, The Salespreneur claims to have thrown Daymond John out of the Shark Tank. That’s an interesting claim, so I called out Daymond John on Twitter. Let’s see if he has a response to this one. Dave Greco, claims that he’s been in the top 2% of every sales organization that he’s been in and […]

Rick Smith Magician Card Thrower Shark Tank

Rick Smith Magician and Professional Card Thrower, appears on Shark Tank to pitch investors on bringing his act to Las Vegas. He can throw a card 260 Feet. They go so fast, you can’t even see the cards flying through the air. His website features promotional material from appearances on Ellen, Riplye’s Believe it or Not, Steve […]

I Want to Draw a Cat for You Preview

Shark Tank Investor Mark Cuban tweets out “should i invest ? This guy is nuts” and when you go to the link you see Steve Gadlin of Blewt doing a rap singing “I want to draw a cat for you” on a YouTube video. The first response to “I want to draw a cat for you” […]

EzVip Alashe Nelson Shark Tank Premiere

EzVip Alashe Nelson goes on Shark Tank to pitch an online business that sells VIP access to the hottest night clubs around the country. At first glance, the site doesn’t have significant traction and lacks promotion for the season première episode of Shark Tank that airs tonight. The only clubs listed are a few in South Beach, Miami. […]

My Wonderful Life Preview

My Wonderful Life Preview showcases co-founders, Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush enter the Shark Tank in the season première on Friday night to pitch their online venture. Entrepreneurs are often created when events impact our lives. We become so passionate about our circumstance that we feel the need to create a way to solve problems for […]

Business Ghost Michael Levin Preview

Business Ghost Michael Levin finds out what will happen when the Sharks here a pitch from a Ghostwriter? Authority is everything and writing a book is one way to prove authority. That’s where Business Ghost comes into play. A guy by the name of Michael Levin has a company that writes books for celebrities and […]

Clean Bottle Preview with Dave Mayer

This Clean Bottle Preview  puts Entrepreneur Dave Mayer  first up on Shark Tank. His invention, “CLEAN BOTTLE” comes apart from both the top and the bottom making it extremely easy to clean his water container. The product targets bicyclist replacing the standard water container in the same mount. He donates 10% of all profits from  the company to […]

Virtusphere offers a new Gaming Experience

Virtusphere,  a company that I first viewed on Shark Tank, demonstrates what’s possible in both gaming and military applications. Entrepreneur’s, Ray Latypov and Jim Dimascio introduced the product on Shark Tank asking for a $1.5 million dollar investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.  The Shark Tank Investors loved Virtusphere, but they […]

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