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Virtusphere offers a new Gaming Experience

Virtusphere,  a company that I first viewed on Shark Tank, demonstrates what’s possible in both gaming and military applications.

Entrepreneur’s, Ray Latypov and Jim Dimascio introduced the product on Shark Tank asking for a $1.5 million dollar investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.  The Shark Tank Investors loved Virtusphere, but they couldn’t quite put their hands around the deal because the company hasn’t proven a buying market yet. It simply is too premature for the Sharks to invest.

The Entrepreneurs face a classic problem that many face. That is that they have the idea, they have a product, but they haven’t really defined themselves and focused on building a stable company. They are still trying to figure out what they can do to get something to stick.

Fortunately, they have sold units, in fact, around the world. Still, the website is more of a Popular Mechanics type of thing, rather than a defined, “Here’s the deal” type of business.

What Virtusphere needs most is to pick a target market, find a great marketer to work with them and create a solid branded message.  How are they going to sell their product at a price people will buy it and allow them to make a generous profit? It’s focus time guys.

You have to love when you see a deal like Virtusphere. They are real, they have a real product, they just need the right people to partner with them to get the job done. Everybody knows it, but where is the right partner?

Unfortunately, they don’t disclose any pricing information on their website, so it’s tough to tell what it would cost for each application. That information would help greatly to determine which target market they should first be focused on.

If the company is focused on putting the product into Government or institutional applications, they will need to be prepared for a longer sales cycle. For that reason alone, it might be wise to focus on the gaming environment with private companies in order to expedite their sales cycle.

Regardless, this Virtusphere cool toy, let’s hope they can take their company to the next level.



  1. You, my friend are not very smart. Just because you watched a segment on Sharktank, now you are an expert on that product. Do your research before you clutter the internet with such uninspiring crap. And by the way, I am an expert on the Virtusphere and its a clear waste of time…

    • Really, You’re calling me wrong? That’s fine, you have an opinion and that’s what comments are for. I’m not even offended, actually I find your comment humorous. You do after all, have considerable credibility on the Virtusphere, making you qualified to make these statements.

    • So….just saying you’re an expert on someone’s blog makes you one? Right on! Hey! I’m an expert on Virtusphere too and guess what? I luvd the blog post!

    • I guess you need to be anonymous when doing this kinda commenting?

  2. bewitched in salem says

    Wow. I certainly did not read anything that would provoke that type of response.

    How or why does one become an expert on something that is a clear waste of time?

  3. WOW…amazing. If you thought so little of the author, why read the blog?

  4. Lucas Wyrsch says

    Business experience and shared attention are key drivers of success, I think

  5. TRUE virtusphere expert says

    Actually both Kirk and “Me” are correct. Kirks writing is dead on what Virtusphere needs to do. However it will never happen because we know from first hand experience. “Me” is correct as is a complete waste of time. We actually own a Virtusphere and have direct hands on experience with it we cant even give it away now. It is flawed beyond belief and the owners/developers are so far removed from reality. They actually defrauded us over BIG Time when a very large contract was brought to them internationally. They are Russians that came to America to protect themslves from their own country seizing their assets but dont trust Americans. THe sphere has too big of a blueprint to place anywhere and you are limited to how many people can experience it so the ratio between what you can charge and how many people you can get per hour and rent for the space makes it unpractical to make money on it…NOT including all the technical problems that happens literally every freaking hour!!! The best they can do is sell out their patents to a bigger company for whatever money they can and step out of the business. KInd of like the way the guys who created google did. Creating the invention and running a successful company are 2 different things. As long as the Latypov brothers run and control the Virtusphere, it is a novelty and like “ME” stated…a true waste of time. It is now nothing but a novelty advertising prop for us…thats it…a pretty expensive $35k prop!!!

    • It seems like a solid concept just placed in the wrong hands. I am interested in learning more about this but the “official” website seems to be dead. Would you care to send me more info on what you know and maybe we can start to work something out? At least I would like to see the sphere in person. Hope you get around to seeing this.


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