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Gayla Bentley Shark Tank Success

Gayla Bentley appeared on Shark Tank in the first season, was able to connect with investors Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran and become a marketing machine that appears to have her taking the company to the next level.  As you search online you see that she has many articles written about her.

Gayla Bentley did great when she pitched the Shark Tank Investors, but we have to wonder if the current economy has put a hamper on the plus sized clothing line.  Disposable cash is falling short for many people.

Gayla Bentley hasn’t updated her website since the end of 2010 with press releases or anything else. Her Twitter account had its last post in February. So what’s up with Gayla Bentley? Is Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran still involved in the deal? That would be interesting to find out.

It appears that Zappos was stocking Gayla Bentley products at one time, but they show nothing available. Not sure what this means for this Shark Tank Entrepreneur. I did find this article,  “Gayla Bentley Says The TX Conference for Women changed her life”. I’m not sure when it was actually written, although it was published June 1st, 2011.

A number of websites that marketed her clothes line show the items as “out of stock” Did she run into financial trouble? Is there something else that has happened that caused the business to no longer be marketing her products?

While Gayla Bentley was a big hit with the Shark Tank Investors, as an Entrepreneur, you know that success is not Guaranteed. Gayla could have ended up seeking more money, she did have an investor section on her website, and Daymond and Barbara may have said no more. Who knows, this is speculation at this point and it would be great if someone could give more insight on this deal.


  1. patsy dillon says

    last I heard from my friend she got zero. she is, working in tv.

  2. Mark Gutierrez says

    It looks like this article clears it up a little bit:

    Somewhere along the line her other partners (specifically her husband) was one speed bump too many.

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