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Qubits Toy Update

Mark Burginger, season one Shark Tank veteran and toy inventor provided Shark Tank Blog with a Qubits Toy update prior to re-airing on CNBC Friday, January 30, 2015 at 8 PM EST. Whenever possible, Shark Tank Blog likes to follow-up with past entrepreneurs to hear about their successes and failures. Whatever Happened to Qubits Toy? […]

Pork Barrel BBQ Shark Tank Update

Pork Barrel BBQ gives us a Shark Tank update on tonight’s show. The two Entrepreneurs, Heath Hall and Brett Thompson have been busy growing their brand and business. I’m seeing some of the best Shark Tank Marketing Strategies using YouTube and other social media outlets to draw attention to their products. Heath Hall and Brett […]

A Perfect Pear Susan Knapp Shark Tank Update

Susan Knapp, founder of A Perfect Pear scored a Shark Tank deal with Robert Herjavec and Kevin Harrington. She came in asking for $500,00 for just 15% of the company on $700,000 in sales. A Perfect Pear faced a common problem many small businesses face. The company had orders for $100,000 worth of product and the […]

LifeBelt Robert Allison Shark Tank Update

LifeBelt founder, Robert Allison, made his pitch on Shark Tank for $500,000 in funding to produce his seatbelt safety function, ensuring the driver has their seatbelt on. His device keeps automobiles from starting without wearing the seatbelt. The Shark Tank investors loved LifeBelt, but backed off due to Robert Allison’s vision and strategy.   They wanted […]

Crooked Jaw Shark Tank Follow Up

Craig French, founder of Crooked Jaw clothing landed an opportunity to pitch the Shark Tank investors. He made an impact as all the Sharks liked him personally, but with only $5,000 in sales, the company didn’t have the proof that investors look for. He attended his first trade show and didn’t come home with any […]

WiSpots Kevin Flannery After Shark Tank

The Series Premiere of Shark Tank featured Kevin Flannery and WiSpots. Kevin leveraged his personal assets and his family assets before approaching the Sharks for investment. Kevin sees this sign of commitment as a strong characteristic. Unfortunately, that strong character trait also can be a huge weakness, which is the case for Kevin. Investors want […]

AVA The Elephant & Tiffany Krumins

AVA The Elephant creator and founder, Tiffany Krumins scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran giving her $50,000 for 55% of the company. She’s got an amazing product that is simple but makes a huge impact on many lives. Tiffany Krumins understands the value of AVA The Elephant to parents and children. She’s got it down […]

College Foxes Packing Boxes

College Foxes Packing Boxes appeared in Shark Tank Season 1 with a unique business model that spun off another popular business, College Hunks Hauling Junk. Entrepreneurs, Nick Friedman & Omar Soliman pitched their new idea to the Sharks looking for an investment, but what I really think they came for was publicity. It’s clear that their […]

Qubits Toy: Minnows in the Shark Tank

Qubits Toy appeared on The Shark Tank in the final episode of season one. They did not get funded, but the business carries on to this day. This post was written by Mark Burginger of Qubits Toys. They are looking to Get on The Shelf at Walmart, so go vote for them HERE. Here is […]

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory brings homemade Sweet Potato Pie to your home

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory brings homemade Sweet Potato Pie to your home. Tod Wilson is the Entrepreneur, Chef and Brainchild behind Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory, something that he thought up while learning the bakery business while working for his Godfather. Wilson worked at the bakery for four years. Now, he’s got his own business, Mr. Tod’s Pie […]

Shark Tank Sends Pet Food Doctor Packing

Dr R. Geoffrey Broderick, a Veterinarian appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his Dog Food company, Cornucopia Express during the first season of Shark Tank. The company produces pet food that is supposed to be superior to that of other pet food. The Sharks question the validity of the Doctors claims that his pet foods offer […]

Gayla Bentley Shark Tank Success

Gayla Bentley appeared on Shark Tank in the first season, was able to connect with investors Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran and become a marketing machine that appears to have her taking the company to the next level.  As you search online you see that she has many articles written about her. Gayla Bentley did […]

Dan Mackey Chill Soda Deal

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Dan Mackey went on the show to pitch his drink, Chill Soda to the Investors and walks away with Barbara Corcoran’s Investment.  Mackey was originally looking for $50,000 for a ten percent stake in the company and Barbara makes the deal at 20%. Unlike the success she’s had with Daisy Cakes, Chill […]

How’s Hot Mama Gowns Since Shark Tank?

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Deidrea Haysel of Hot Mama Gowns is incredibly active in social media and loves to share her experiences with everyone. She truly is a great social media marketer. The question is, how’s she doing now and what happens every time Shark Tank airs a rerun of her episode? Even before she appeared […]

Treasure Chest Pets Shark Tank Update

Treasure Chest Pets founder, Lisa Lloyd, appeared on Shark Tank in season one and is airing again on tonight’s episode. Lisa came in under capitalized and believed that she needed investment to take her business to the next level. Kevin O’Leary got out because of distribution nightmares. Kevin Harrington got out because it’s age and seasonal […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Edwin Heaven Throx After Show

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Edwin Heaven of Throx didn’t fair to well during the show. How did he do after? I’ve done some research and this is what I’ve found out. My first step was to visit Throx, the website. He has a goofy entry point, maybe he needs it to sell his three socks, but […]

Notehall Chegg After Shark Tank Deal

Notehall Chegg forge deal after appearing on Shark Tank. The Start-Up appeared on the first season of the show. They did make a deal, and competition popped up right after the episode. The question is, how are they doing now? I did some investigation on Note hall Chegg and this is what I came up with since the […]

Ride-On Carry-On Shark Tank Episode New Idea

Shark Tank startup Ride-On Carry-On has been a great investment for Barbara Corcoran, one of the Angel Investors on the show.  The sales have been going extremely well. She says it’s one of her best according to an interview she did. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of the product, which creates […]

Kim Pries Due In Maternity TShirts

Entrepreneur Kim Pries Due In Entrepreneur,  presented to the Shark Tank investors telling them she’s done 1.4 million dollars in sales since she started her business that specializes in maternity t-shirts. Unfortunately, the economy hit hard and last year, she only did $90,000.00 in sales. She asked for $50,000.00 for a 15% stake in her […]

Voyage Air Guitar Jeff Cohen Deal?

If you’re thinking about Voyage Air Guitars, you might look into the special offers during tonight’s Shark Tank show.  Entrepreneur Jeff Cohen says they will be featuring special deals and anticipates selling out during the show. Don’t hesitate. You probably remember that Jeff Cohen appeared on Shark Tank over a year ago (it doesn’t seem […]

One Sole Entrepreneur Dominique Barteet Shark Tank Preview

Full time pharmacist, part time entrepreneur, Dominique Barteet brings her company, One Sole Shoe Company into the Shark Tank to pitch the Angel Investors. She created the company when she came up with the idea as she needed a shoe that was versatile for traveling, yet provided her with different styles to match her outfits. […]

Qubits Mark Burginger After The Shark Tank Show

Qubits Entrepreneur, Mark Burginger contacted me through my blog and offered to share his experiences from the Shark Tank and what’s happened since. According to Burginger, Daymond John enlisted the help of fellow Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, Kevin O’Leary, to approach toy companies Hasbro, MGA, Mattel and others. The Sharks had Burginger supply samples of Qubits […]

FridgeFronts Jan Augenstein

First time FridgeFronts Entrepreneur Jan Augenstein appears on Shark Tank and makes deal with Barbara Corcoran who brings in Kevin Harrington. According to Jan, she put her product in SkyMall an inflight magazine similar to Sharper Image that features all kinds of products for sale. She said she sold $40,000 worth from an $18,000 advertisement. […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Hot Mama Gowns Prediction Preview

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Deidrea, the self-proclaimed “Hot Mama” had an idea to create a Hot Mama Gown that mothers could wear after she gave birth and was uncomfortable with the hospital issued gowns. When I first visited her website, I didn’t get it from the pictures and thought what was the big deal, but after […]

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Bob Kroupa of New Era Brands – Don’t Give Up Yet

Bob Kroupa owner of New Era brands has made some huge mistakes and his pitch to the Shark Tank Investors left him with no deal and tons of advice. Bob Invested $2,000,000.00 and produced $800,000.00 in sales by hiring a President and Operations Manager to run this business. My bet is he did this right […]

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