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How’s Hot Mama Gowns Since Shark Tank?

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Deidrea Haysel of Hot Mama Gowns is incredibly active in social media and loves to share her experiences with everyone. She truly is a great social media marketer. The question is, how’s she doing now and what happens every time Shark Tank airs a rerun of her episode?

Even before she appeared on Shark tank, I was able to connect with Deidrea and ask her questions. While she couldn’t tell me the outcome she did give me some information that I was able to use in my post leading up to the show. I would have thought that she made a deal, but she passed on it and instead decided to keep going on her own.

Since Shark Tank episode first aired, Deidrea has gone full-time with her business, Hot Mama Gowns. The show shot her into the spotlight and even though she didn’t take money in, she’s been able to pump more orders out. I’m confident that she gets a massive amount of traffic every time the Shark Tank show is rerun, and this Friday night will be another go at it.

If you want to connect with her, actually chat with her, you can do so on Twitter. she tweets using @HotMamaGowns which is where we have had most of our conversations.

While talking about baby’s and gowns are not really my kind of thing, I would suggest taking a look at Deidrea’s blog. You’ll be surprised how willing she is to share her life with you. By the time you read only a few of the posts, you will feel as though she is a close friend.  Even chatting with her on Twitter leaves me with that feeling.


  1. I have watched this on shark tank, I would never by her gowns! She is fake she claimed to be opened minded about the changes. However she bailed on Barbs offer to blantanly lie. She used shark tank I truly believe she never wanted a deal. The tears were hilarious and fake during my observation.

  2. I agree. She told Barbara how she was open-minded and willing to make the changes she suggested, but then totally reneged in the post interview. Basically, she was a liar. Damon was right. She’ll never learn because she THINKS she has all the answers. I’m glad she didn’t get a deal.

  3. Capn Murka says

    This woman personally represents everything that’s wrong with American healthcare. We have the world’s most entitled patients. “Oh, I’m about to push a baby out, requiring the help of all of these doctors and nurses who are ready to act at a moment’s notice if there’s any sign of me or my baby’s life being in danger? First, let me take a selfie, and I better look hawt.” I bet she also treats her nurses like shit and asks them to bring her a coke every hour, because, you know, a hospital is a hotel.

  4. I see it as a product that could be popular among all patients. Not just pregnant women. There are patients from everywhere who would appreciate looking better while their sick. The little niceties goes a long way to feeling better. Those old button up gowns feel horrible, smell horrible, and are horrible to think about where they have been.

  5. Wow. People can be pretty cruel. I like her idea and her product and agree with V.M.

  6. I do not think she is a liar, but I do think she needs to reconsider her market. Instead of selling to individuals, I would sell to hospitals. They would purchase more at a discounted price and if this is such an issue to expecting mothers to have a closed back (I would prefer this!), they would ask the brand, and consider purchasing more on their own. She should sell the company and continue being a drug sales rep.

  7. She was a revolting heifer. She was probably eating up all her revenue.

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