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Dan Mackey Chill Soda Deal

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Dan Mackey went on the show to pitch his drink, Chill Soda to the Investors and walks away with Barbara Corcoran’s Investment.  Mackey was originally looking for $50,000 for a ten percent stake in the company and Barbara makes the deal at 20%.

Unlike the success she’s had with Daisy Cakes, Chill Soda and Dan Mackey are working to get off the ground. It appears the drink hasn’t started selling yet. That’s quite a long wait considering Dan Mackey pitched the Shark Tank Investors during season one of the show. The website offers to keep you up to date on when they will be actually selling the product online.

It’s amazing how many specialty drinks have come out in recent years. It’s almost like micro-breweries, instead having boutique cola’s.  Many of them say they are healthy soda’s.

According to the Chill website Americans drink 50 gallons of soda a year!

So what’s happening with Chill Soda and why isn’t it on the market now? That’s a great question. I’ve done some research on what has happened since Shark Tank.

Dan Mackey said that he went on the show to get help from the Shark Tank Investors and he says that he has some industry experts helping him to make his product work.

Dan Mackey Chill Soda Seeking Even More Funding

According to another site,, the company is seeking more funding. This press release was in 2010 with an expected launch in early 2011. It doesn’t seem that they are off the ground and running yet.

It’s pretty clear that Barbara Corcoran went ahead and made the investment in the company after the show, I’m still wondering if this investment was a smart one for her? Her funding is likely complete on this venture considering the company is seeking additional investors elsewhere.

We’ll see if anything else comes up from this Dan Mackey, the Shark Tank Entrepreneur.


  1. how is chill soda doing now? where can I find out?

  2. keith varias says

    Any updated with Chill soda? I wonder what happened to Barbara’s investment.

  3. Carol Klipski says

    It seems Chill soda has filed for bankruptcy, in Nov 2015.

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