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AVA The Elephant & Tiffany Krumins

AVA The Elephant Founder Tiffany Krumins

AVA The Elephant creator and founder, Tiffany Krumins scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran giving her $50,000 for 55% of the company. She’s got an amazing product that is simple but makes a huge impact on many lives.

Tiffany Krumins understands the value of AVA The Elephant to parents and children. She’s got it down and knows that giving medicine to a sick child has never been easier. Your Child receives medicine through normal devices fit into AVA The Elephants trunk. Children often smile with excitement.

Tiffany had an idea and went into Shark Tank with 5 clay elephants and $2,000 invested in a patent search. Now she’s in drug stores nationwide with her product. She’s doing a great job ¬†getting the word out about her product through social media and other avenues. She contacted me on my personal blog asking if I’d write about her when I was about to launch this blog. Now, we’re talking about her great story.

It took AVA The Elephant quite some time to become a real product, but she stuck with it and has her product selling in the market place. Her product sells for $9.99 and Tiffany says Barbara Corcoran told her not to talk about her profits with a smile on her face.

She made a valuable point about a patent. It’s only as good as the money you have to back it up. She’s so right about that. Great advice.

If you’re interested in getting AVA the Elephant, you can find her at CVS Pharmacy, Kroger, Safeway,,,, and many more.

Tiffany Krumins does something that most Entrepreneurs aren’t doing. She’s telling her story on a personal blog that explains the process she went though. I like that Tiffany is simply saying what her experiences are, even talking about mistakes and, most importantly, talking about what motivates her.

Tiffany’s blog doesn’t have that many posts, but the ones she has are worth reading.

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