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Shark Tank Entrepreneur Hot Mama Gowns Prediction Preview

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Deidrea, the self-proclaimed “Hot Mama” had an idea to create a Hot Mama Gown that mothers could wear after she gave birth and was uncomfortable with the hospital issued gowns.

When I first visited her website, I didn’t get it from the pictures and thought what was the big deal, but after doing some reading I realized where she was going with this and am thinking, this is a great idea that will sell big.

Like any entrepreneur would do, her mind began to race and she sketched out some designs, decided on the fabric and found someone to make her design, while testing on real women from sizes 2 to 24.

She did her market research as she recognized a void in the industry when it came to clothing designed for breast feeding as well.

She has a great blog, she is a marketing queen, and she even tells about her first IN-N-OUT burger, which is something I get every time I get the chance! Great choice of places to go for a burger…

The online marketing strategy is almost perfect, but she needs to take her newsletter and make it front and central on her site. A tool like subscribers magnet will help her build her list of names, which is where the real value is.

If she adds a product, she can instantly go to market by notifying everyone that’s on her newsletter. It also gives her the capability of signing up with affiliate marketing programs, allowing her to sell other products and earn commissions from her newsletters.

So here’s my prediction… I think that she has upgraded her website since taping for Shark Tank. She made a deal and has marketing and sales help. The deal came down as a partnership between Daymond, who is the expert in clothing and Barbara who is engaging in the marketing strategy.

My bet is she made a great deal with the Sharks.

What do you think?

Am I right?


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