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Shark Tank Entrepreneur Ecomowers Preview

Ecomowers, a company founded by entrepreneur Andy Humphrey will step into the Shark Tank on this Friday night. The company is focused on environmentally friendly mowers utilizing updated Reel style mowers instead of gas powered units.

I spent some time checking out the Ecomower site this morning where Humphrey sells several different brands of reel style mowers, as well as his own model, the Helix Ecomower.  Humphrey lists pros/cons for the competitor brands to his mower.

Humphrey’s site is a transition between environmental education and a commerce site.  Given the market he is aiming for, I think this makes for a nice transition allowing him to sell products online while promoting his interest in the environment.

He has several buzz words in the product description such as  EverSharp cutting technology, EasyTune Adjustment posts, TruSpin Blade Supports, and ErgoGrip Performance Handle.  The Shark’s are going to look for these to be unique patentable features when they value his company.

Humphrey claims that ecomowers is a fun product to use, with many women and children finding that they enjoy mowing the lawn with his product. I’m not so sure that I’d find mowing lawn fun, no matter how I did it other than paying someone else to do it.

Humphrey’s movement appears to be small, with just 258 people that have hit the like button on his Facebook fan page, which is where you go when clicking on the movement button on his site. Of course, that number is sure to have gone up by the time your reading this as I checked on April 27th, 2011.

The deal appears to wrap around the Helix mower. The Sharks are going to look at what’s unique about this product. Does it have patents? Would Humphrey be willing to license technology to other brands? Will he do a deal with just the Helix Ecomower?

Can’t wait till Friday night to find out.

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