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Games2U Entrepreneurs Meet Shark Tank

Games2U is next up on Shark Tank. Brothers Stuart and David Pikoff will be pitching their 3 year old franchise opportunity to the Sharks.

According to press releases on their site, they now have over 100 franchises and have third year sales passing twenty million dollars. That’s big numbers for Shark Tank and that means this is going to be an interesting pitch.

The Austin, TX brothers have a birthday party concept that brings some of the hottest games to your location.

The company has been featured on Fox Business News, Fox and Friends, will be appearing on Rachel Ray tomorrow and has been featured as a top ten franchise according to INC magazine. Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked them in the top franchises for 2011 as well.

Each party has the option of having games such as Video Games, Laser Tag, Giant Hamster balls, U:Bot (You become a robot), Booger Wars, Toss-n-fly, 40 Theater, Foam Machine Party, AV Cart, Gyroscope and more.

I’m left with questioning what they are going for in this deal, which makes it extremely difficult to make a prediction on what’s going to happen. The company looks to be well beyond what the Sharks are normally seeing and these guys could be demanding some fairly large numbers.

You remember when College Hunks Hauling Junk founders pitched the Sharks on College Foxes Packing boxes? They started out asking for a million dollars for ten percent of the business. That was a no deal, so if this is like that, it’ll be a no deal.

Still, this is a great idea and appears to be exploding.  This is what entrepreneurship is all about. They have essentially created an entire business model and turned it into a real business in just three years. Look for Games2U to be everywhere in the country.

I’ll be watching on Friday night to see if Stuart and David ink a deal with the Sharks!

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