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Man Candles gone like a Puff of Smoke

Candle entrepreneur Johnson Bailey didn’t get a deal in Episode 207, which originally aired on April 6, 2011, but he had enough success with his business to warrant a follow-up segment in episode 302 in season three. Man Candles, the business Bailey pitched in the Shark Tank, features candles with scents like bacon, beer, and […]

Aldo Orta Update Season 2 Entrepreneur Succeeds

Aldo Orta, the Mexican born entrepreneur funded by Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington in season two, returns to the Shark Tank in episode 411 for an update on his progress. Aldo Orta is both the name of the entrepreneur and the name of the business; the eponymously named jewelry collection is making big sales on […]

One Sole Dominique Barteet Interview Part 2

Dominique Barteet, inventor of One Sole Shoes who was successfully funded by Daymond John on Shark Tank in the season two finale, is a driven woman. She wants success more than anything in the world, but not in the sense you’d think. She had a lot to say on the subject of building her business […]

Onesole Dominique Barteet Interview Part 1

One Sole inventor Dominique Barteet was a big hit on the season two finale of Shark Tank. She is a confident, successful woman who carried herself very well in front of the Sharks and left with a deal with Daymond John for 35% of her company. She originally invented One Sole Shoes to travel with […]

Toygaroo Bankruptcy Update from Former CTO

Toygaroo made Shark Tank news last month when it was learned the parent company, Hutch Toygaroo, LLC  filed for bankruptcy.  In perhaps the most public Shark Tank failure to date, Toygaroo filed Chapter 7 on April 6, 2012- barely a year after being funded by Mark Cuban. Nikki Pope was the face of Toygaroo in […]

Original Runner Company Update

The Original Runner Company is a Shark Tank favorite where Julie Goldman gets a bit “feisty” with the Sharks according to previews of the show. She’s strong, but well liked by Shark Tank fans who watched the first run of the show. Since that time, the show is now getting another re-run and were happy […]

Where is Johnson Bailey & Original Man Candles?

The Shark Tank investors felt Johnson Bailey’s, Original Man Candle company offered to little upside because it was one product, and they just didn’t see the opportunity to build a company. Johnson Bailey kept the Original Man Candles company going, after all, he did win an Entrepreneurial Award from Oklahoma State for his business plan. He […]

Shark Tank – Friday April 20

The Shark Tank on Friday, April 20 is a re-run from season two. Next Friday, April 27 will bring a new show, but tonight and tomorrow are repeats.  The Sharks in “Episode 204” are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary. Origaudio is first into the Shark Tank, pitching The Rocket, which turns […]

CBS Chef Big Shake on ABC Shark Tank

CBS Chef Big Shake is on ABC’s Shark Tank tonight in a re-run of the original episode that aired in season two. His original Shrimp Burger didn’t get the deal, even though Daymond John connected with the Chef. He walked away with no deal on the show but has been doing great ever since. You […]

Toygaroo Bankruptcy

Toygaroo got a lot of buzz after being funded in season two of the Shark Tank. Last week, the episode featuring Toygaroo was repeated on Saturday night, so there was increased interest in the company here on the SharkTankBlog. While researching for a follow-up post, I came across some puzzling things. I noticed Toygaroo’s Facebook, […]

CitiKitty Rebecca Rescate on #SharkTank

CitiKitty, Rebecca Rescate brings toilet trained kitty’s on Shark Tank to make her funding pitch to the Angel Investors in the season finale. Rebecca Rescate asks the Sharks to give her $100,000 in exchange for 15% of the CittiKitty toilet training company. That’s not likely to happen because she only did $350,000 in sales last year. If they […]

The Shark Tank- Friday March 30

Shark Tank Friday night is here! Even though tonight’s show is a re-run, I am still pumped. usually, we draw our weekly free give away Friday night, but we are going to wait until Saturday this week since there is a re-run tomorrow. The past week has allowed me to speak with lots of people, […]

Granola Gourmet

Granola Gourmet originally swam in the Shark Tank in season 1 and was not funded.  The company is the featured follow up segment on this week’s repeat Shark Tank episode from season two. Entrepreneur Jeff Cohen developed his line of Granola Gourmet Ultimate Energy bars in his own kitchen to create a natural energy bar […]

Vurtego Pogo Sticks

The Shark Tank is always “jumping,” and it will be even more so with one of this week’s entrepreneurs: Vurtego Pogo Sticks. This business takes a childhood standard toy and amp it up to the extreme. Creator Brian Spencer’s supercharged pogo sticks bounced into the Shark Tank looking for $500,000  for a 20% stake in […]

First Defense had Sharks Fighting

  The Shark Tank can be a very scary place to be for an entrepreneur. Whether Joe Moore was afraid or not when he entered the Shark Tank, he left with a smile on his face and the satisfaction of knowing he got the biggest offer in Shark Tank history. Joe was seeking $500,000 for […]

Wake n’ Bacon No Shark Tank Deal

  Wake n Bacon is the world’s only alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of this breakfast treat- because the clock cooks your food as it wakes you. As the old saying goes, “everything is better with bacon,” unless you’re a Shark Tank investor. Wake-n-Bacon inventor Matty Sallin sought a $40,000 investment for […]

Toygaroo Update

  Nikki Pope, Toygaroo founder, appeared on Shark Tank in Season 2. Pope billed Toygaroo as “the Netflix for toys.” Basically, for a monthly fee, Toygaroo will send new (to you) toys for your child to play with; if your kid really likes a toy, you can opt to purchase it at a discounted price. […]

Mark Cuban Dumped HyConn

Mark Cuban, the Billionaire Shark Tank Investor, dumped his deal according to HyConn Founder, Jeff Stroope. Stroope’s Facebook page claimed, Mark Cuban’s “ego” got the best of him during negotiations and backed out when he realized what he had done. Stroope said when it was time to come up with the money, Stroope states, “Mark […]

Strap Your Kids On Your Luggage

Strap your kid to your luggage and cruise the airport without worry. Ride-On Carry-On is the answer to keeping your kids with you when you are cruising to your gate. Flight Attendant turned Entrepreneur, Darryl Lenz and her husband Randy chopped up a few beach chairs and created a prototype seat to attach their child […]

Daymond John Interview

Daymond John is a dynamic shark on The Shark Tank TV show. He used to be best known as the founder of FUBU, but now the name Daymond John is more identified with the Shark Tank. He brings a solid knowledge and tons of experience to the concept of branding in the Shark Tank. Building […]

Cake Orders Crash Web Hosting

Cake orders crash web hosting servers during multiple  plays of Daisy Cakes episodes. Even off season reruns overwhelmed the web hosting account. What looked like to be a regional play at best became a huge hit across the country when Barbara Corcoran invested in the company. Several issues threatened Kim Nelsons online business prior to […]

Tod Wilson, Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory & Shark Tank

Mr. Tod’s Pies founder Tod Wilson went on the first episode of Shark Tank and walked away with a deal. Now, he’s rang the Opening bell on Wall Street, has been on Oprah Winfrey’s show among many others. The media loves him and he’s tripled his business ever since appearing on Shark Tank. Wilson cut a […]

Sweepeasy Shane Pannell

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Shane Pannell, introduced his product, Sweepeasy to the Sharks for investment. He’s a stay at home dad who invented this broom to make it easier to clean floors with his unique scraper attachment. Shane hadn’t sold any Sweepeasy products leading up to the show, but is now selling online with his website. The […]

Washed Up Hollywood Shark Tank Danon Beres

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Danon Beres of Washed Up Hollywood, looks like it’s washed up right now with a glimmer of hope to get back into the business. I made one stop at his website which is offline and that said it all, but I still decided to do more investigation to see if I can […]

Don’t Get Stuff Stuck In Your Nose

Shark Tank Entrepreneur Joe Moore developed a product called First Defense Nasal Screens which keeps germs and allergens from getting in your nose. Anywhere Allergies affect people, a simple screen over your nostril protects foreign objects from getting into your nose. At first look the Shark Tank Investors thought that Joe Moore was kidding but when they […]

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