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The Shark Tank- Friday March 30

Shark Tank Friday night is here! Even though tonight’s show is a re-run, I am still pumped. usually, we draw our weekly free give away Friday night, but we are going to wait until Saturday this week since there is a re-run tomorrow. The past week has allowed me to speak with lots of people, including the Brewer’s Cow guys from last week’s show (watch for that interview next week).

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Tonight’s show features a bit of intrigue, the largest offer from a Shark to date and an inspirational story.

Toygaroo made a big splash in the Shark Tank when this episode first aired. Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary invested $200,000 for 35% of  the company, and the deal went through. Lately there have been “issues” at Toygaroo. Their CTO is making hints on his blog about choosing  “your business partners carefully.” The company Facebook page was taken down after being filled with consumer complaints, they aren’t returning emails, they don’t answer their phones, and they aren’t accepting new customers on their website due to “explosive growth.”  Something smells fishy…don’t worry- I will find out one way or another.

First Defense Nasal Screens was offered $4 million for the business. Entrepreneur Joe Moore ultimately settled on a deal for $750K for a 30% stake with a 10% perpetual royalty with Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John. The company has since gone global.

In the follow-up segment, season 1 entrepreneur Jeff Cohen triumphantly returns. He didn’t get a deal for his Granola Gourmet, but since his segment aired, he’s exploded his business and found real success.

Rounding out tonight’s show is one of the strangest products I have ever seen, Wake n’ Bacon and the high-flying, hip, pogo stick on steroids maker, Vurtego.

Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary are the Sharks for this episode.

Enjoy the show and get ready for another re-run on Saturday night!

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  1. Global REIT says

    Why are they airing a re-run tonight? The product you mentioned above however, the nasal screens, was an awesome deal.

  2. Speaking of the Nasal Screens, which seems to be a good Idea, but what about people who sweat or have oily skin? what if you sneeze, plus if you open your mouth, you are still inhaling whatever is in the air, but it is a great Idea, it just wont work with me. no disrespect to the Inventor, I wish him all the Luck

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