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Entrepreneurs, Investors and Egos

What happens when you combine Entrepreneurs, Investors an Egos? The Shark Tank, that’s what. Make it even more interesting by editing the pitch and the bombs get tossed creating a spectacle for viewers to enjoy.

This season of Entrepreneurs meet Investors on Friday night proves to provide some of the most explosive episodes of the hit show Shark Tank on ABC TV. The Sharks are now on Twitter every Friday night working to stir the pot. They’re engaging and entertaining while connecting with the audience.

At first, I thought it was theatrics, but what starts out as staged can end up hitting where it hurts. For example, Mark Cuban is hitting Robert Herjavec with hard criticism accusing him of being overly sensitive. My bet is that there is genuine tension between the two of them.

Kevin O’Leary is likely the guy that doesn’t take the tension personal, he thrives on it. He loves the fight. He calls himself “Mr. Wonderful” and loves to use his phrase, “Stop the madness”. I wonder if he records the episodes and watches them over and over so he can hear himself talk… Just kidding O’Leary, you are very entertaining.

Barbara Corcoran seems like somebody that will brush it off the shoulder and say, whatever and move on. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Daymond John feels the burn coming and he’s done with you, end of story. He simply won’t deal with your drama. At least that’s the way I see it, and again, I could be wrong…. What do you think?

Lori Greiner is one tough lady and she did extremely well on the show. It would be interesting to know how much time the other Investors spent with her before appearing on the show. I’m sure as time went by competitiveness would drive tension her direction as well.

The perfect mix of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Egos is a combination that makes for great Friday night TV!


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