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Daymond John

Daymond John

Daymond John started with little and made a fortune building his brand FUBU. Now he’s taking his new found star power as a Shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank to the next level. He’s built personal brand and name recognition, something that every Entrepreneur needs to be thinking about, and he’s using that power to help others who he connects with.

At first, Daymond John seemed like a distant tough negotiator that was out for him, but as you see him in action, you learn that he’s more about compassion for people that are experiencing the same trials that he struggled to overcome.

Each episode of Shark Tank reveals more of the personality of Daymond John, something that I’ve heard about from people who have met and negotiated with him directly. The more I know, the more I like and respect Daymond John.

As with all the stars from Shark Tank, he faces a challenge that most do not. He’s likely has thousands of people that are looking to connect with him, hoping that he can “save” their business, or “make” them into something they are not. That has to be difficult to deal with.

Anyone who has a goal of reaching out to Daymond John has to 1) be genuine to the core, you can’t prep yourself to connect with anyone who has a style and personality like his, 2) have serious potential with a business that is already showing results and 3) is able to connect with Daymond on an emotional level through experiences.

Daymond John Links


  • 2013 Miss America Announced Judge Daymond

Books By Daymond John

  • The Brand Within: The power of Branding from Birth to the Boardroom (Display of Power)

Daymond John helps people make their dreams come true and oozes passion. If you’re lucky enough to work with and follow his advice, you are likely to be successful. He’s got a gift and he’s somebody you should know.

Daymond John Deals

  • Lightfilm – $100,000 for 75% plus $.75 per dollar until $750.000 (Partnered w/Robert Herjavec)


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  2. Daymond, its very nice and generous of you to help on the spatty, but do not waste your time and talent. Anyone with a little common sense know how to get the product out. Any liquid in a glass bottle such as liquid makeup, turn it upside down and it will all be in the cap in the morning. Thick Stuff like lotion in a plastic bottle that you squeeze or pump, take a box cutter or scissors and cut the top 3/4 off….now you have a completely cut open plastic bottle with the end of the lotion.

  3. Where is Daymond? I’ve watched all the new episodes and they don’t even introduce him anymore as a shark. I miss him–he’s a sweetheart.

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