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Daymond John Interview

Daymond John is a dynamic shark on The Shark Tank TV show. He used to be best known as the founder of FUBU, but now the name Daymond John is more identified with the Shark Tank. He brings a solid knowledge and tons of experience to the concept of branding in the Shark Tank.

Building a brand is integral to the success of any business and Daymond, in the video interview below, says when you are building a brand, “you have to be in love with what you are doing whether one person likes it or a million.” He should know, because FUBU has millions and millions of fans (and customers). The concept of branding is not new, but Daymond John is clearly an entrepreneur who understands it and how to make it a part of a business’ success.

Daymond John is almost evangelical when it comes to preaching about his branding message. He is even gracious enough to grant interviews with “failed” entrepreneurs, like Johnson Bailey, the founder of The Original Man Candle. Mr. Bailey did not get funded on The Shark Tank, but he got some good advice from the Sharks and found start-up capital elsewhere. He was recently featured on The Shark Tank in one of their follow up segments and his company is successful and on the move, selling products and seeing profits.

Bailey obviously gets what Daymond John is saying about branding and has used it to his company’s advantage, despite his “failure” on the show. What a lot of people didn’t know about Johnson Bailey is he is a graduate of the Oklahoma State (OSU) School of Entrepreneurship, so he wasn’t just another young, wide eyed wannabe when he jumped into the Shark Tank; he had some knowledge and education to back him up. University Entrepreneurial Studies programs have been increasingly more popular since Babson University created the first such program over twenty years ago.

The fact that Daymond John was even invited to interview in an academic setting (he’s on the Babson site too) proves how much entrepreneurial programs value his experience and success with branding. The following video interview with Daymond is a “must watch” if you want to gain his insight into the power of branding.

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