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Kisstixx Lip Balm Product Review

Kisstixx is the lip balm product recently funded by Mark Cuban on The Shark Tank. It’s a two pack of flavored lip balms that create a chemical reaction when two people kiss. Entrepreneurs Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo are two young guys who met in college and developed Kisstixx  to protect their lips while snowboarding and enhance their “cred” with the ladies. Mark Cuban liked the Kisstixx guys’ edginess and he also liked the fact that they had a huge pending order with Walgreens. Other Sharks commented that they were interested in the product, but Mark gave a better offer, so they were out.

Kisstixx is a great example of putting a new spin on an old concept and in the process creating a new product. Lip balm has been around for a long time, in many flavors. Kisstixx just took a fun, yet logical leap to making it just a little bit more than lip balm. Dallas and Mike are going to be millionaires thanks to Kisstixx. They have mass distribution and brand recognition for a product almost everyone uses and it’s priced right for consumers. Most people who buy it will likely buy it again, because it is a consumable product that is a necessity for many. The fact that it adds a bit of flavor and fun into the mix makes it that much more appealing.

It’s one thing to claim the chemical reaction creates a flavor mix when kissing, but it’s another thing to see if it actually works. The Kisstixx guys sent me a sample to try, and one of the first things that I noticed made me like the product before I even got it out of the box: Kisstixx is made in the USA. Way to go, guys- you too Mark!

I opened up the package and I couldn’t wait for my lovely wife to come home to try out our Kisstixx. They sent along the “Fire and Ice” combo pack which is one stick of cinnamon and one stick of vanilla lip balm. Without giving away the ghost, I will just say that after trying Kisstixx, I am most definitely IN!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures. I shot this little bit of business to demonstrate the power of Kisstixx. Roll it to see what “The Hotdogman” thinks of Kisstixx.

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  1. I love it!! Awesome video Rob!!

  2. I would would be willing to invest in these folks just to see Kevin and Arlene smooch again ;_)

  3. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) says

    That looks like great fun!

  4. Come on, guys, Get a room!!!!

  5. last Baby Boomer says

    Cool concept. I could have used this 30 years ago.

  6. Jason flaugh says

    I think I will pass on hot dog and relish flavor 😉

  7. So much for inovation, thanks for sharing.

  8. Erik Van Erne says


  9. Katie Palamara says

    I ordered mine 3 months ago and never got it in the mail…. so I wouldn’t know. :/

  10. Jerry Whitson says

    He’ll yea .nothing but cold beer and shark tank. Nearly as good as Monday night football! Maybe I can get them to invest in my glow in the dark toilet paper. Yee haw. Good show!

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