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Lightfilm like Patented GLOplate

George Pod, Lightfilm, LLC. entered Shark Tank asking for $100,000.00 from The Sharks. He brought a new product, almost identical to another product patented in 1998, called GLOplate. I recognized the similarity immediately as I have visited with the GLOplate investor multiple times over the last ten years.

According to George Pod, He’s filed a patent application for his product. His product could face scrutiny if the patent for GLOplate is almost identical.

I sent a message to the GLOplate inventor, asking for comment.

Lightfilm Entrepreneurs say they have invested $750,000.00 with no sales as of their appearance on Shark Tank. They claim Harley Davidson gave them a verbal commitment, but a deal is never completed until the contract is signed.

Daymond John wanted the deal and offered $100,000.00 for 75% of the company. He added they would have all the money they needed to fund the company, and he would license their product to a manufacturer.

George Pod and his partner wanted a better deal, offering 51% of the company for $750,000.00 Cash. Daymond John would have control of the company.

Robert Herjavec jumped in, offering $100,000.00 for 75% of the company, and he would give them seventy-five cents on every dollar until they recouped their $750,000.00 Investment. Robert added he would partner with Daymond.

Pod countered, at $200,000.00, but quickly gave in and took $100,000.00.

Lightfilm, LLC. now offers their product through their website.

Update: GLOplate is no longer in business and has removed their website.

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