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Hanging Out With Daymond John

Daymond John

Daymond John

Daymond John, the FUBU founder, fashion mogul and Shark Tank Shark has been very visible the past few weeks. Hardly a day goes by without a news story about Daymond speaking to some sort of group. He has spoken at many colleges and he even virtually addressed a nationwide group of high school students last week.

Daymond used the new Google Hangouts feature in Google + to interact with high school students all over the country. He took questions from students in classrooms around the nation, recorded the session and put it on Youtube. If you look closely, you can see Shark Tank Blog co-author Kirk Taylor hanging out too.

I think it’s really cool that he takes the time to address and encourage young entrepreneurs. Whether he is talking to college or high school students, a guy of his entrepreneurial stature has a lot to teach to the next generation of young business people.We talk about Daymond “the Shark” a lot on this site; the fact that he is willing to freely give of his time speaks volumes about Daymond John the human being.

The Sharks often come across as nasty, focused on the bottom line, and even down right mean on the show. Daymond is no exception- he has certainly had his moments. We do need to realize, as viewers and fans of the show, that each shark is playing a part (with the possible exception of Kevin O’Leary) and is not really as ruthless and cold-hearted as they are portrayed on TV.

One of the best messages from this broadcast is when Daymond says he “doesn’t neccessarily need a million dollar valuation. I’d rather see a hard, hungry person with a lot of desire.” Take note of that statement, future Shark Tank entrepreneurs; Daymond invests in people as much as products.

He got the most laughs when someone asked. “who is the nicest Shark outside of the Shark Tank?” He replied “I am,” and there were many noticeable chuckles from the virtual peanut gallery. Whether he really is the nicest shark or not, he is making a strong case for it by mentoring young entrepreneurs and acting as a positive role model for young people who strive to build businesses now and in the future.

The video of the Google Hangout session is embedded below.

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  1. BadDogzApparel says

    Nice Article!  I have been trying to crack Daymond’s shell and get him to invest in my company.  We were a Semi-Finalist for last year’s show…..didn’t make it.  Not sure why after watching some of these products.  We have a good story for TV and work multiple jobs, started in the basement, etc…..The only person I really wanted to talk to was Daymond because I deal with human apparel with different dog breeds.  We have a great following, great market, etc.  I contacted his company and even sent him clothes which he tweeted he loved and posted a photo.  Still with the show going on they are not ready for other investment opportunities.  Daymond and his girlfriend are big Daschund supporters and he said himself he want to get into the animal industry.  We are a PERFECT fit.  We have the niche, the products and the designs….he has the expertise of the clothing industry and marketing. 
    We also work with a company he already invested in a few seasons ago, PowerDecal.  We go to the same events as them and they see people waiting in line to buy our stuff.  I live by the motto “persistent people begin their success where oithers end in failure”  I keep pushing, keep reaching out and following up…..One day maybe he will stand behind his statement of investing in the person as much as the product!!! 
    Just thought I would throw my 2 cents out there!!  Nice work Rob!
    Bad Dogz Apparel, LLC

    • Hotdogman says

       @BadDogzApparel There is nothing saying you can’t audition again! See our audition page

      • BadDogzApparel says

        Oh I know!  I sent emails daily to the casting director and we are ready.  Believe me if people gave up after one no, this would be a very boring country!  Maybe I will meet you in person one time…..the funny thing is I really don’t care to be on the show.  I just want to sit down with Cuban and Daymond.  The free advertising is the perk! 

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