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Jason Blum on Shark Tank.

Jason Blum is a name synonymous with the modern era of horror and thriller cinema. As the founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, he has redefined the genre and forever altered the landscape of filmmaking. With an uncanny knack for producing low-budget yet high-impact films, Jason Blum has become a powerhouse in Hollywood and a […]

Female Sharks Share Stage

The two female sharks, Barbara Corcoran and Lori Grenier will FINALLY be on the panel at the same time during season five! ABC Radio announced the news today, though they stopped short of saying how many episodes will feature the two popular female sharks. Shark Tank fans have clamored for Barbara and Lori to share […]

StartUp America: a Conversation with Daymond John

StartUp America held a media event on October 23 at Babson College in Wellesley, MA to celebrate the latest winner of the consulting services contest sponsored by Startup America , Daymond John, and Babson College. The winning company was Zboard, a startup that makes a battery-powered, electric skateboard. Zboard was founded by young entrepreneurs Ben Forman and […]

Lori Greiner Reddit AMA

The first Lori Greiner Reddit “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) was one of many media splashes the Queen of QVC made in the week leading up to her season 4 debut in the Shark Tank. Lori Greiner was a huge hit in the Shark Tank’s third season, so much so the producers brought her back as a […]

Latest Investor Updates

We have the latest investor updates starting with The New York Post reporting that Barbara Corcoran is selling one of her five houses (She’s only been at the house 3 days in the last seven years) and suggests that she could use the proceeds to make investments on upcoming Shark Tank episodes. Investor Updates – […]

Lori Greiner Goes Full Time on Shark Tank

Lori Greiner became a “substitute shark” on The Shark Tank in season three. Last week, Lori’s debut episode re-ran on ABC. Over the next few Fridays, episodes featuring Lori Greiner will be re-run. She has proven to be a very popular shark on the Shark Tank. This website saw the second largest amount of visitors […]

Meeting Barbara Corcoran in Person

Recently, I caught up with Barbara Corcoran before she was to give the keynote speech at the Iowa Women’s Conference. She’s not politically correct, but as straightforward and as honest as your best friend should be. “Find 10 real estate brokers and give them your product in exchange for giving you honest feedback” is the […]

Lori Greiner Interview

“Lori Greiner is the hardest working person I have ever met.” Shelly Ehler, whose Show No Towels were funded by Lori on the Shark Tank earlier this season, told me that when I interviewed her last month. That being said, Lori Greiner herself took time out  of her very busy schedule to speak with me […]

Hanging Out With Daymond John

Daymond John, the FUBU founder, fashion mogul and Shark Tank Shark has been very visible the past few weeks. Hardly a day goes by without a news story about Daymond speaking to some sort of group. He has spoken at many colleges and he even virtually addressed a nationwide group of high school students last […]

Robert Herjavec Wins Ferrari Challenge

Shark Tank Investor Robert Herjavec is in St. Petersburg Florida where he is racing in the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Ferrari challenge Coppa Shell. He reportedly won his class (Coppa Shell) in the first of two races, yesterday and will compete in the second race later today, after the Izod Indy Car series […]

Lori Greiner Bringing It

Lori Greiner, QVC Queen and my favorite shark, is giving Mark Cuban a real run for his money. She’s only been on a handful of shows, yet she has invested nearly as much cash in new entrepreneurs as Mark has- and he’s on every week. To date, Lori has invested around $525,000, or roughly one […]

Daymond John Jumps in a Different Shark Tank

Daymond John has partnered with Edison Nation to fund promising entrepreneurs with “the next big thing.” Edison Nation recently gained a lot of Shark Tank related exposure with the appearance of Jared Joyce on last week’s show. Jared didn’t do a deal with the sharks, but he ended up doing a deal with Edison Nation. The […]

Sales Cure All

I just finished reading Daymond John’s interview with Inc. Magazine entitled “Why I Invest In People, Not Companies.” In this interview, Daymond echos many mantras I have embraced as a lifelong salesman and entrepreneur. One thing he stresses is trust. In order to invest in a company, whether it is on the Shark Tank or […]

Shark Tank Investor Strategies

Entrepreneurs who are planning on seeking funding for their business should be studying past episodes of Shark Tank online. There will be a new season coming up, but until then the earlier episodes offer insight into what kind of questions that investors will ask, and quite frankly how they can act. Shark Tank, the show […]

Jeff Foxworthy Angel Investor on Shark Tank episode

Jeff Foxworthy, once again turns Angel Investor on Shark Tank tonight. He’s not only an extremely funny comedian; he’s a savvy businessman who’s leveraged his personal brand across many product lines. He would be a great investor to have on your team. Foxworthy understands where the real money is, and that’s indirect residual income that’s […]