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Will Shark Tank’s Daymond John Bite on Aldo Orta Jewelry?

Aldo Orta Jewelry comes into the Shark Tank to pitch the Angel Investors.

This artist has created an extensive line of unique jewelry and has a long list of clients. He says he’s coming into the Shark Tank for exposure.

I think the Sharks could help him out with more than just exposure, not necessarily the money, but marketing strategy.

A quick visit to Aldo Orta’s website and we automatically can see he’s all about art. The website lacks a solid marketing strategy and is cumbersome for his customer base. It needs a total revamp to put an emphasis on the art he’s selling, his jewelry.

It takes at least three clicks to see anything that he’s offering for sale.  His site has no way to cross-sell products (demonstrating complimentary jewelry) and that leaves him missing out on sales.

Aldo Orta is someone who is extremely interesting.  He says his focus is on bringing the world together through his art and he wants to make a lot of money. That’s good, because the Sharks will be more concerned about making money and less concerned about world peace.

I can understand that he’s coming in to get exposure for his business, but I’m not sure that he needs money. I doubt he does because he seems to be doing fine right now.

The Sharks could help him with his branding and marketing strategy, which he needs if he intends to ramp up the production of his jewelry.

He said he doesn’t have any expectations coming into the Shark Tank. He doesn’t have them because he doesn’t want to set himself up for disappointment. That’s interesting. He’s very relaxed and comfortable with where he’s at and that’s good, but does that make him a great entrepreneur?

I would expect Daymond John to be the only Shark potentially on this deal, but I don’t see it happening. If it does, Daymond would want control of the company, and I would have to agree with him on this one.

I look forward to seeing the outcome….

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