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Voyage Air Guitar Jeff Cohen Deal?

Voyage Air Guitar Founder Jeff CohenIf you’re thinking about Voyage Air Guitars, you might look into the special offers during tonight’s Shark Tank show.  Entrepreneur Jeff Cohen says they will be featuring special deals and anticipates selling out during the show. Don’t hesitate.

You probably remember that Jeff Cohen appeared on Shark Tank over a year ago (it doesn’t seem that long ago) to pitch his new Voyage Air acoustic guitar that folded in half for traveling purposes.

The Sharks immediately questioned the ability to for the guitar to stay in tune, but without any adjustment, the Voyage Air guitar played wonderfully. He’s now created fourteen different models, including electric and acoustical guitars.

The Sharks made offers, but Cohen walked away and it appears has done just fine on his own. He received considerable attention from the first show, and tonight, he’s expecting quite a bit more.

He’s doubled the number of dealers to over 100, with guitars being sold in other countries.

Several publications have reviewed the Voyage Air guitar including Vintage Guitar, Motorhome Review Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine, Southwest Airlines SPIRIT, Christian Music Review, Acoustic Guitar Review and more.

The guitars are sold in stores and online at his website which also features information about the people that use the guitar along with Tips and Tricks to make your experience more enjoyable. He’s even put together an owners club!

He’s got several videos on the site of happy owners and celebrities using his guitars while they play music. What a great testimonial for a great story.

If you want the Voyage Air Guitar, I suggest you get on his site early and see what kind of special deals he’s going to offer. The traffic might even crash his website like some of the other entrepreneurs have experienced during this season.

I bet the Sharks are going to look at him now and wish they had sweetened the deal.  Who knows? Maybe he’ll be made a big offer tonight?


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