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Where is Johnson Bailey & Original Man Candles?

Original Man Candles - Johnson BaileyThe Shark Tank investors felt Johnson Bailey’s, Original Man Candle company offered to little upside because it was one product, and they just didn’t see the opportunity to build a company.

Johnson Bailey kept the Original Man Candles company going, after all, he did win an Entrepreneurial Award from Oklahoma State for his business plan.

He offered 25% equity in The Original Man Candles in exchange for $50,000 but the Sharks found humor in the product. Mark Cuban held on to the end, wanting to do the deal, but just didn’t see enough business to make it worthwhile.

That wasn’t the last we were to see of Johnson Bailey and Original Man Candles. In February, Shark Tank did a follow-up episode right after Daymond John visited Oklahoma State University to speak with Johnson Bailey.

By the time the episode aired, Johnson Bailey’s Original Man Candles website had disappeared showing an Apache screen, which tells us the website is gone, but the domain “” is still pointing to that server.

So what’s up with Original Man Candles? Where is it? What’s Johnson Bailey doing now? I checked out his Facebook page and it looks like he quit posting about the time that the website disappeared. Is the business dead?

There are stores that are still selling them, but there is no telling how much inventory that they have left in stock. Add to that, another company, Mandles actually left a message on his YouTube channel asking him why he stole their idea…

Chances are, he didn’t steal the idea, they just had the same idea. The branding, marketing strategy and just about everything else is entirely different. The only common audience is a candle for men.

We’ll keep on looking to see what happened to the Original Man Candles and Johnson Bailey so you know what happened after the Shark Tank.


  1. I think that’s someone who bought from him wholesale. They are selling quite a few different products.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Yankee Candle has a line called Man Candles. Did they buy him out or was he forced out of the candle business by them?

  3. Candles on look identical with the same theme but with some different scents. Not sure if related or just the same idea. They do have a bacon scented candle I might have to try because even vegitarians salivate over that meat candy.

  4. Let me know if any finds out what happen to him, this guy owes my company $$$$

  5. Looks like the guy works in marketing now for Lotus Internet Corp…which owns … a website that sells novelty items and gag gifts. This was based on a simple facebook search by the way. 🙂

  6. Here he is holding Moses:

  7. Another person invested in his company after seeing him on Shark Tank. The partnership went badly and the courts were involved. His former partner owns the business now

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