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ShowNo Shelly Ehler Shark Tank Pitch

ShowNoShark Tank presents Shelly Ehler a stay-at-home mom who substitutes as a school teacher part-time. She was at the pool with her kids and covered her son with a bath towel as he changed in public, while her younger son complained that it was his turn. That’s when she thought of ShowNo, a product designed for changing under the poncho-like towel.

ShowNo it turns out is a great idea and is now available at Legoland and Six Flags Magic Mountain Water Park. She’s even showcased it on the Today show in their new products segment.

Shelly understands the trials of having a business, her husband lost his during the recession and it even cost them their home. Still her ShowNo website is very inspirational and her husband is very supportive encouraging her to go on Shark Tank. She says she lost 10 pounds from nervousness before the show, but when the moment came, she was ready.

ShowNo comes in eight different colors with 17 different styles giving something for everyone. Will the Shark Tank investors say that’s too many styles, or will they like the choice? Her cost per unit and potential to take this nationwide will come into play, and they’ll question her if she’s got a patent to. Still, I think that the Shark Tank investors are going to like this one.

I recently watched an interview with Daymond John of Shark Tank. He said that he was trying to move into other type of markets besides the fashion industry and Barbara Corcoran won’t be on this show.  Bring in the Queen of QVC, Lori Greiner and I see her jumping in big time on this deal.

Shelly and her company ShowNo is an inspirational story and I think it’s about to get even bigger. This one scores a deal on Shark Tank.


  1. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) says

    Great idea in this age of cover up

  2. Jason flaugh says

    looking at noshow now, thank you

  3. last baby boomer says

    Great idea for the kids and even grownup.
    As a biz model the key is cost per unit and what price point the market will warm to.

  4. Nice story – and often it’s the story which will push sales. I think she is good at initial round.

  5. kratom east says

    great idea and good story !

  6. Thanks. great idea.

  7. Steven Hamberg says

    Good story and should produce nice results

  8. Help her as much as possible. It is a tough sell right now, but people appear to buy something new, if enough people have seen or heard about it. Good luck.

  9. Bill Lazdowski says

    It’s awesome that she was able to take a necessity idea and roll with it!

  10. Thanks Kirk! Great article! Have to tune in tomorrow night to see if you are right!!! No matter what happens, we feel so incredibly blessed for this opportunity. Everyone on the Shark Tank team, including the executive producer, Clay Newbill, were so incredible to work with. Thanks again!

    • Thank you Shelly. It will be exciting to watch the episode. I welcome you to do a guest post after the show telling about your experience.


      • Kirk: I would be happy to! Next week is going to be crazy so you might have to remind me!! Message me thru facebook and I will give you my private email. My showno email is going to be slammed and I might not see it. Thanks again for your support!!!!

  11. Great Idea and Great person!
    She deserves to succeed and she will.
    My DVR didnt record the results for Shely!!!
    I didnt see if she received another offer and it didnt post on the internet.
    Can someone let me know the final results.
    Much appreciated

    • Yes David, The Sharks loved Shelly and ShowNo. The QVC Queen, Lori Greiner, invested with $75,000 for a 25% stake in the company. (Shelly went in asking for $50,000 for a 25% stake in the company.) Go to ABC and watch the episode on the Shark Tank link. Shelly was AMAZING!

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