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Swilt by Ivory & Wallace Tennelle

Swilt - Sweater and QuiltThis Friday, Ivory and Wallace Tennelle present the Swilt on Shark Tank in hopes to get exposure and investment from The Sharks. They will definitely get the exposure which should send their sales spiking. I’m betting if they have a reasonable ask that they will get the money too!

The Swilt is a sweater and quilt combination that is easily and comfortably worn as a sweater with a quilt built in for games, fishing or anywhere that you need to warm up. Roll out the quilt portion and you’re going to find a foot pocket that is waterproofed and fleece lined.

The Tennelle’s had the idea over six years ago, but didn’t do anything about it until the Snuggie came out in 2008. When they saw how well it did, they knew they could do better because they had a more functional product and in 2009 the Tennelle’s set out to make their dream a reality.

I’ve read up on them and even been out to their website which looks like it’s ready to handle orders this Friday. They’ve done a nice job telling their story. Social media is in place and they even have YouTube videos.

They’ve got their social media started off but they don’t have an affiliate program, something that I think they seriously need. If they want exposure, a strong affiliate program would be a great way to get your name all over the world. They should consider looking into what Share-A-Sale could do for them.

The Tennelle’s could take their marketing a step further by using their blog to tell the stories of their customers and even run a list building campaign that would notify fans about new blog posts. Tools like AWeber are perfect for people who would opt in and want to read the stories.

I’m thinking that they got the money. The site looks great, and I might even expect to see them pitching their products on QVC. Great job.


  1. Pitch it around Christmas and they will do well.

  2. Jason flaugh says

    sounds nice and warm 🙂

  3. Looking good from outside, especially compare to Snuggie. Now, they need to expand their business taking on advice such as Share-A-Sale.

  4. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) says

    Looks like a great idea – I like the practicality, I wish them well.

  5. Interesting idea, I would use one.

  6. Nice post! Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Erica G. Cox says

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAA I can’t wait! We love our SWILT :)!… GO TEAM SWILT!!!

  8. I love my Swilt! I wear it when I go to outdoor events (football, outdoor concerts, and don’t forget those soccer games). It keeps me warm and its really comfortable.

    Go team Swilt!

  9. I have purchased one and I love it. Wish them all the luck

  10. Funny how the “swilt” looks identical to the “goody hoody”. The website is the same, the pictures are the same, the design is the same, how they show you to use it is the same, even the year they thought of it is the same. Not sure if this is correct but it looks like the “swilt” website just came out this year and “goody hoody” has been out since 2010. Oh and Goody Hoody is PATENT!! Swilt? Patent pending??

  11. This is the corniest black girl I have EVER seen!!!!! With that said, who wants to get comfy with MMEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!??? Hahahahhaha WTF!?

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