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Washed Up Hollywood Shark Tank Danon Beres

Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Danon Beres of Washed Up Hollywood, looks like it’s washed up right now with a glimmer of hope to get back into the business. I made one stop at his website which is offline and that said it all, but I still decided to do more investigation to see if I can get more information on what happened with the business.

Danon asked for $500,000 and he didn’t get the offers because he came in to high. He said that’s the number they need for the business plan and advertising budget. He claimed he was going to get really big, really fast. The Shark Tank investors didn’t bite and this entrepreneur was left to find other ways to get the money they need.

The last time Washed Up Hollywood posted on their Facebook Fan Page was in 2010. The show will air tonight and people will be searching for their product. They advertise units for sale on Facebook, but something tells me they aren’t selling. Also, all the buckles listed were on sale at substantially lower prices than were represented on the Shark Tank show.

It appears that several merchants are still selling the products, and if they are in business, they are doing a horrible job of letting people know. They surely would be working the website and Facebook fan page to generate as much attention as possible. As the show airs tonight, they are about to miss the biggest opportunity they have had yet for retail business as viewers of Shark Tank go looking for them.

I guess they should have looked more for the business expertise and less on the overpriced investment of Washed Up Hollywood. The Shark Tank Investors knew best on this deal.

If you have any information on this company, please feel free to share it on the comments section of my blog. I’d be happy to update any of this material.


  1. You should take down the link for Washed Up Hollywood. It leads to a site in Japanese and is clearly not their website.

  2. I-drive Orlando says

    I just was at McDonald’s and he served me my fries.

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