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HyConn by Jeff Stroope Preview

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HyConn Entrepreneur / Inventor, Jeff Stroope is a former Arkansas firefighter who will pitch the Investors on Shark Tank this Friday night.

The previews of Shark Tank look explosive, so I would say it’s a good thing that they have a firefighter in the house!

I found Jeff, through an article posted on Innovative Arkansas, a program of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Winrock International. The organization helps Arkansas based companies and entrepreneurs who are capable of creating new jobs at 150 percent of current Arkansas per capita income.

Stroopes product looks to be a quick disconnect hose fitting designed for high pressure fire hydrants allowing firefighters to connect hoses in less than three seconds and to disconnect hoses in one second.

Stroope discovered the need in his role as a firefighter. The idea came about when he painfully watched lives and property destroyed. He knew that it took far too long for hoses to be connected to fire hydrants, and HyConn addresses that issue.

Stroope thought about convenience as well. He created a separate connector designed for at home convenience. You can now use the same technology to connect and disconnect your garden hose at your home.

Stroope applied to appear on Shark Tank in 2009 and a year later, the show contacted him in 2010. He can’t disclose what happens on the show, but he claims it will make for “Good TV.”

According to his online site, he has orders being filled right now. He’s giving away a few HyConn fittings on Friday morning as well. He’s looking forward to helping well deserving Fire Departments out with this unique invention.

It’s my hope that the visibility of Shark Tank will encourage every fire department to order the HyConn connectors. It truly is time saving and potentially life saving product.

Will this be the one that the Sharks do battle over?

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  1. Barry Howard says

    I very much want to purchase 2-3 Hyconn residential hose connectors. I am really disappointed that Mark Cuban did not have the character to follow through on his commitment. Is there a place where the product is currently available

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