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Hill Billy Entrepreneurs Bait Shark Tank – The Sharks Bite

Hill Billy brand Entrepreneurs, Michael Abbaticchio and Shon Lees, cast their reel on Shark Tank and Robert Herjavec along with Jeff Foxworthy and Daymond John bit.

These two entrepreneurs know that to build a strong brand, you have to put together a great marketing strategy. They did that by bringing the band, the girls and the good times to every event they could find. Their products sell out consistently and often outperform featured artists at concerts.

If these entrepreneurs were nervous, you couldn’t tell as they were able to negotiate the deal like they’ve done it before. They showed vulnerability in their passion for the business, which is good because it gives the Sharks a chance to reason with them, but they also showed they’re savvy by understanding that a royalty can make them quite a bit of money.

Some of the questions asked, didn’t have the answers the Sharks like to hear, but the entrepreneurs answered them straight, along with a positive spin towards their position. It’s important to answer questions, even if it’s not favorable because the investor just might have the answer that addresses your problem.

One thing is for sure, if you don’t answer it, they don’t like it and they won’t do a deal with you.

They started out by asking for $50,000 for a 25% stake. What they ended up with was $75,000 and a 7% royalty, while selling the mark to the three sharks. They even wanted a guarantee that if the mark set idle, they could get it back and start marketing it again. I’m not sure if they got that or not.

This is a licensing opportunity that has huge potential, especially with Jeff Foxworthy’s endorsement and Daymond John’s ability to take this into the clothing industry.

Now, they can go back to the drawing board and create another exciting deal. Time for these two smart guys to become serial entrepreneurs!

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