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Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Caddyswag FollowUp

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs, Melissa and Ben Fossey of Caddyswag pitched their invention, a cooler that allows you to carry a six pack on to the golf course in your bag. This is an opportunity to save money on beverages. The Caddyswag cooler fits into the shoe pocket on the golf bag.

They’ve priced the Caddyswag cooler at $19,95 and are giving two of them at that price, obviously aiming for the “As Seen On TV” crowd.

During the show, Melissa and Ben Fossey told the Shark  Tank investors that the company had sales of $15,000 per year.

None of the Shark Tank investors bit on the product, citing it wasn’t catchy enough for them and wouldn’t offer enough return on the investment. They walked away with no deal, but the question is, “what did the show do for sales?” Shark Tank airs them once again on a rerun of what is probably the most popular episode of Shark Tank.

It appears that Caddyswag is working hard to market their product, however, they are leaving money on the table. Here are some suggestions that they should consider to help them really ramp their sales volume.

  • Connect with an an Affiliate Program Management company like Shareasale and offer websites and bloggers the opportunity to sell their product for them. Caddyswag could raise their price and increase their profit by leveraging this type of avenue.
  • Use landing pages to sell their products. They have a specific product that doesn’t pop out at me when I go to their website. Too many small businesses focus on all the cool around a product which pushes it to the background. Put the emphasis on what they are selling and less on how they hype the brand.
Clearly, they believe in their product and have an opportunity to make it a very lucrative business. With some minor changes to the marketing strategy, they could end up hitting a home run.


  1. Roger clark says

    Just saw you on shark Tank I’m in love with your product the sharks they should give you an offer everybody sneaks drinks on the golf course you’re obviously right the sharks are obviously wrong hope you make 1 million

  2. I have to agree with all of the sharks. I don’t see this being a million dollar product. There are too many products out there for a way cheaper price.

  3. logo does them no favors . I know a lot of golfers, all working class and none of them bring alcohol on the course so I’m not sure they know their market as good as they think they do. They dont do it any favors either – need to get better sales reps.

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