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Aldo Orta Update Season 2 Entrepreneur Succeeds

Aldo OrtaAldo Orta, the Mexican born entrepreneur funded by Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington in season two, returns to the Shark Tank in episode 411 for an update on his progress. Aldo Orta is both the name of the entrepreneur and the name of the business; the eponymously named jewelry collection is making big sales on QVC. It’s too bad Aldo Orta appeared on Shark Tank before Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC, became a Shark; she might have sped up the process of putting Aldo Orta on the popular shopping channel.

Aldo Orta in the Shark Tank

Aldo Orta jewelry is wearable art in the truest sense of the word. “My approach blends ancient and traditional metalworking techniques, using silver and high carat golds as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones, selected as much for their spiritual energy as for light and color.” says Aldo. When Aldo Orta first appeared in episode 208 in season two, he was already well know as a jewelry artist to the rich and famous. He designed jewelry for clients like Prince Albert of Monaco, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Taylor, the Bacardi Family and more. What he wanted to do was bring the Aldo Orta line to the masses.

Orta got a deal with QVC, but he needed the inventory to be able to sell his jewelry. That’s what brought him to Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran and Kevin Harrington each invested $90K and got 45% of the business. Barbara liked the jewelry, Kevin liked the celebrity endorsements. That was in May, 2011. Now Aldo Orta is burning up the ticker on QVC every time he appears. He even made friends with Lori Greiner!

Aldo Orta Moving forward

Originally from Mexico, Aldo Orta recently relocated his business and design studio to the Chicago area. Orta’s sculptures are still displayed at many government offices in his native Mexico and he still does private design for the rich and famous. His jewelry is available to us regular folk on QVC. His designs rely heavily on historical and mythological imagery, revealing a classic style that people seem to adore.

Aldo Orta is the latest Shark Tank success story. He exudes the entrepreneurial confidence of the immigrant entrepreneurs that made this country great. The update segment will undoubtedly reflect his dedication, eye for art, business acumen, and his successful Shark Tank pitch. Many entrepreneurs enter the Shark Tank, few emerge with the completed vision of their business with the style of Aldo Orta.

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