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CarSik Bib Shark Tank Pitch by Les Cookson

The CarSik Bib keeps car sick children from making a mess when traveling, allowing parents to safely pull over and remove the barf bag cleanly.  Les Cookson, inventor, pitches on Shark Tank this Friday night. Does he get a deal?

At first, people might laugh, but then think seriously for a moment about this. I would first question, “How do you expect to keep the child from taking off the CarSik Bib?”

Kids don’t want a regular bib around their neck; it’s not likely that they are going to want a bag around their neck. Furthermore, infants are likely to try to pull it off.

What happens if they get it caught over their face? If it does work, don’t you have to worry about kids playing in it or worse, ripping it off and throwing it on the floor?

The CarSik Hurl-e is more likely to have a market then the bib version because it’s targeted to older children and adults. This product is purposeful especially for commercial type vehicles. Still, they are able to use the normal barf bag that you find on airlines if you’re seeking a solution.

Cookson is an artist and inventor first. He lacks certain entrepreneurial skills where a marketing expert is desperately needed. He lacks a sales strategy as the online site is cluttered with products that don’t complement each other.

His site features not only the CarSik Bib, but three other products that have nothing to do with the CarSik Bib. He’s got the Lucid Art Camera, the FIT RIGHT BOWTIE for your pet and the Classic Camera Obscura.  Why are all these products intertwined with each other on the same site?

If the sharks offer a deal, it’s going to be to license the product giving Les a royalty. I don’t see the Sharks working with Les.I think they’ll like him, but they don’t see him as a business man.  Bottom line, it’s a licensing deal or they’re out.

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