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Shark Tank Sends Pet Food Doctor Packing

Dr R. Geoffrey Broderick, a Veterinarian appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his Dog Food company, Cornucopia Express during the first season of Shark Tank. The company produces pet food that is supposed to be superior to that of other pet food.

The Sharks question the validity of the Doctors claims that his pet foods offer preventative nutrition and will help pets live longer. He has no scientific studies to back up what he claims and that leads some of the Shark tank Investors to believe that this may in fact be a scam. We don’t know either way, but after doing some homework online, I’ve discovered some interesting articles.

My first red flag is the promotion of an interview the Vet has done with Information Marketer Kevin Trudeau as a basis for its credibility. You only need to click on Trudeau’s name to understand why being on his show doesn’t give you the credibility that most legitimate companies would want.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t savvy enough to do their homework, instead, they believe that this hype is somehow a testimonial to the quality of the product.

It’s clear, if the product was everything that Dr. Broderick claimed it to be, he would be doing studies to prove the validity of his claims. The fact that he’s not or hasn’t done so yet is a testament to his intentions and then adding it with the appearance on Trudeau, plus reviews on sites like Yahoo Get Local leads me to believe that he’s all about the money.

Ultimately, the Shark Tank Investors didn’t bite on his investment, and I don’t think he really cared. In the end, I think he wanted the publicity. He doesn’t need the money, he’s found a way to make his claims without proof.

In my opinion I would pass on his product and look for better products such as the ones offered by your local Veterinarian.


  1. I guess you’ve just ignored all the testimonials where dogs and cats have had incredible results. You must work for the “other” dog food companies, who over the years have aactually been responsible for the death of a lot of animals.
    The dr CARES…….44 years experiance is worth a lot more than you’re opinion.
    The sharks were sooooo rude….and he never once said it “cures” cancer, but can help prevent it. But they all had their head so far up their **** they couldn’t hear what the man was saying.
    Keep your post to yourself, people who love their pets have NO interest in your ill informed comments

    • Testimonials are not evidence. I can toss someone $10 right now and have them write/record a testimonial right now. It’s a BS tactic used by people selling products that don’t pass scientific muster.

      The doctor did not say the food can HELP prevent cancer- He outright claimed, more than once, that it WILL prevent cancer. He outright claimed that it will extend the life of pets by 50%. He claimed several times that his practice had stopped seeing animals come in with cancer or diseases. He did not produce any concrete evidence of this, or even cite a single actual example of a pet he was caring for that outlived its average lifespan. He blew smoke up their asses, and he lost out on it. Or, maybe not- Despite the Sharks’ frosty reception, he still has an ‘As seen on Shark Tank’ message on his website- Where you can pay $50 for a 12-can case of chicken and egg food. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who can be fleeced into that sort of robbery (and it IS robbery), but your Food-Babe-style shill act isn’t going to convince anyone with a grain of knowledge of food OR medicine. I assign you no points, and may FSM have mercy on your soul.

      • So what if it does prevent cancer you unintelligent people?? Big underground movement of people CURING cancer with no help from big pharma. Tired of this whole corrupt system jargen .. ” can’t make any claims unless we approve… so that we sustain power and control!” total brainwashing. remember, there’s no money in cures, only in return customers.

    • AGREE. The cornucopia pet food is GREAT.
      Ready to order again. Pups love it. They feel so much better. No longer overweight. No arthritis slowing them down. Amazing find when I heard of cornucopia pet food. Shark tank you missed out.

  2. We purchased several products from Cornucopia after watching the Shark Tank episode. We never received the products. We left multiple messages for Cornucopia but never received a response. They just took our money and NEVER sent products or responded. Thought about suing them but gave up.

    • This is BS. If you didnt receive the items, you notify your credit card company.

      • You might notice that they didn’t specify how they paid. They may not have ordered via the website.

        • Zachary Reyes says

          It is BS. Ordered via the website? So? How would that mean they paid other than with a credit card? That’s how you usually pay for things online. lol.

          I’ve contacted them many times and not even to buy any product but rather just to ask for pet advice. They would not have ignored a customer and just taken the money, purposely. It’s not worth it to do that to a customer. Businesses that do that do not stay in business for this long. They are incredibly polite people and Dr. Broderick himself even picks up the phone most of the time. It is BS.

          And a word of advice for pet owners out there. Most Vets do not know jack shit about nutrition. I went to a vet for my cat and they recommended a canned food that had things like corn starch and other grains. It’s ridiculous. Cats aren’t supposed to being eating grains. And you do not need a damn study to prove that. Just study what they would eat in nature and use common sense. They’re supposed to eat raw meat!

          You have vets like this guy on this site and pet food companies that sell you shit that make your animals sick and they make more money with all that animal illness. The education they go through in college is not extensive on pet nutrition. They are parasites that will lie to you in order to make a buck.

    • I talked with them several times. Very knowledgable and very helpful. Something stupid here. Paid didn’t receive didn’t do anything about it. Hmmm

    • Mary Peddicord says

      You are full of lies! I spoke with the Dr myself! If you ordered an item or items and did not receive them your CC company would give you your money back and I do not believe for one second that the Dr would not call you back. He called me and spoke spoke to me when I only had a question !

  3. Penny Diane says

    We bought food and the super vitamins and super food for our cat. She was diagnosed diabetic by our vet. We looked for low or no carb cat food and couldn’t find any locally. So we sent for the food sold by Dr. Broderick. It saved our cat’s life. She within 2 months her blood glucose level was normal and we were able to stop giving her insulin. She has been on the food for about 2 years and is still free of diabetes and acts more like a kitten than a 11 year old cat… which is what she is! She is lean and trim and jumps, runs and plays like a kitten. The food is totally carb free – which is what cats are supposed to eat. The Dr. called me several times when we first started using the food to help us – for free to get Natalie on the right path to health!

  4. Chris Zizzo says

    We live close enough to Dr. Broderick’s office to avail ourselves of his medical services. As a vet, he clearly has the touch and brought our animals back to good health. He is a nutritionist, he believes that most animal problems are from the food they are fed. He will buttonhole you and go on for an hour (at least) explaining why food is at the center of health and disease. He personally supervises the production of his food and takes it very seriously. If you know him, you’ll realize it’s not about the money. He is committed to better nutrition for all animals. This is NOT the commitment of the pet food industry. And most doctors (human and vet practice) know less than nothing about nutrition. I agree that Cornucopia is expensive, but not paying thousands to save a sick animal is a counterbalance to the cost of the food. Doctor Broderick encourages mixing leftovers from our own meals with his food to stretch it and give the animals variety. What he doesn’t want is that we feed them meat and excessive offal from dying, diseased animals, meat we never would eat ourselves.
    The Shark Tank is looking for the next big thing. This is just pet food after all and simply did not stimulate their interest.

  5. My Lily’s protein levels were so very low. A good friend of mine told me about this food and supplements. Her levels started to go up and was and still is a healthy girl.

  6. agnes russell says

    I think you sharks were extremely rude to this kind and caring doctor. I’m ordering it and I bet the doctor is absolutely right. All of you were so hateful maybe because you are already selling your own brand.

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