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Dating by Blaine

dating by blaineBlaine Anderson pitches Dating by Blaine, her dating coaching service for men, in Shark Tank episode 1502. She started the business in 2020 after losing her job as a travel agent. Since many of her guy friends sought her advice for their dating profiles, she decided to build a course on giving men dating advice. Her boyfriend (now husband) encouraged her to go all in – she did!

In a nutshell, the courses teach men to be confident and how to market themselves in the digital dating world. According to Blaine, men need to not come on so strong, not mask their feelings, not read too much into things and they need to be present. Her course teaches all that and more.

As for the course, it costs $1249. It is a 5 hour per week course over the span of 5 weeks. In it, men learn “the exact texts to go from match to relationship,” how to build a top 1% profile and land girlfriend-quality matches on dating apps, build confidence, learn to market yourself, and attract women. The course also offers one on one consultations with Blaine. Men are warming up to Blaine, in 2020 she had $22,000 in sales. In 2021, it was $491,000 and 2022 she did a little over $1 million in sales. She likely wants a Shark to help her get to the next level.

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Blaine Anderson: Dating Coaching Service for Men

Dating by Blaine Shark Tank Recap

Blaine enters the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 inchange for 2% of her company. Blaine says in the age of texting and swiping, finding love is not so easy for many people. She pretends Mark is single and he likes Barbara. How does he flirt? What does he text her? Mark feels confused and ultimately he texts something awkward. Mark texts: “hey Barb, what’s up? Wanna meet on my private jet next week or maybe my yacht?” With that, Barbara decides she is not interested and that’s that. Mark is sick of feeling confused by the women he’s interested in, that’s where Blaine comes in.

If Mark had taken Blaine’s texting course, he would have known exactly what to say to land a date. Something more like this: “Barb, great to meet you. Your podcast Business Unusual sounds fascinating. I’d like to hear a little more about it over drinks. How about the best whiskey bar in town. Wanna go Thursday?” Blaine allows men to build thhe  skills they need to attract awesome partners with her online courses and one on one coaching.

What’s It All About?

Blaine has been doing this since mid 2020 and her overall sales are $2.2 million. The Sharks are impressed. She did $22,000 in 2020, $484,000 in 2021, $1 million in 2022 and she’s projecting $1.5 million for 2023. Her primary course is her dating master class which sells for $1295. It’s a pre-recorded online course which allows men to go at their own pace. It includes a small amount of one on one interaction to build a profile for dating sites. Blaine is the only full time employee and uses some contractors.

Lori wants to know why she isn’t doing this for women. Blaine says she needed to narrow who she was speaking to. Kevin wants to know what makes her an expert. Blaine says she “loves love” and was always interested in relationships, but she never saw a career in it. She tells the Sharks how she lost her job as a travel agent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her husband suggested she make a course, so she went on dating apps and created a profile as a dating coach. She got hundreds of emails that way. There are other dating coaches, but Blaine is the leader in the space.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Michael thinks it isn’t scalable and she says it is. Her texting course is $149 and she’s not exactly sure how many she’s sold. Her one on one coaching costs $6295 for six 45 minute sessions. She says she’s not sure how many texting classes she’s sold and Mark says “that’s a Shark Tank no-no.” Last year she sold $900,000 worth of the master class. Last year she made $500,000 because she had some big one time expenses that won’t be repeated. She bought a car and built a home office.

Blaine wants a Shark that the kind of men she works with will look up to. She thinks having a guy say “it’s OK that you need help dating” would be valuable to her business. Michael doesn’t think it’s a scalable product, he’s out. Mark sees the challenge but he thinks she should have offered more equity; he’s out. Blaine says there’s no downside to his investment. Mark says when he invests, he’s thinking about the upside. Blaine says if they made $10 million, Mark would get $200,000 but that’s not enough for Mark. Kevin says he won’t do it for 2% and he says make an offer.

Blaine says she operates from a place of empathy and kindness. Barbara doesn’t see what any Shark could do for Blaine; she’s out. Lori says she heard that Blaine wants a man; she’s out. Kevin offers $100,000 for 15%. Barbara asks if Mark would reconsider. Mark says “I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Iwake up every day and try not to take anything for granted.”He’s been on the other side of it too. He was the ugly kid at 16, so he sees the value of what Blaine is doing but he needs to hear a number that would make it worth his time. Barbara plays matchmakeer and asks if Blaine would give Mark 15%. Blaine counters with 8%. Mark says he’ll do it for 10% and Blaine agrees.

Dating by Blaine Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Fans slammed both Blaine and Mark on Twitter following the initial air date. They were angry that Blaine only wanted a deal with Mark and that Mark took Blaine’s bait. As of March, 2024, there is no evidence the deal with Mark closed.

The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on Dating by Blaine & Blaine Anderson as more details become available.