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One Sole Entrepreneur Dominique Barteet Shark Tank Preview

Full time pharmacist, part time entrepreneur, Dominique Barteet brings her company, One Sole Shoe Company into the Shark Tank to pitch the Angel Investors.

She created the company when she came up with the idea as she needed a shoe that was versatile for traveling, yet provided her with different styles to match her outfits. The One Sole shoe has interchangeable tops to fit any occasion.

Now, the company has over ten different soles, from all different heights and even has models for kids. The tops feature over 1000 different designs. Just think of the room saved in the closet, let alone travel bag!

During a pre-show interview with Jason Cochran, she revealed her primary target investors are Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran. Daymond would be a likely choice as he has the connections in the fashion industry. He also has the expertise in licensing and branding.

She did say she’s intimidated by Kevin O’Leary, so hopefully he’ll go easy on her. She said he reminds her of her father.

Here’s the interesting part, during the interview it sounds like her sales are twenty million dollars over the last four years. She clearly says she does this part time.

Why would you do this business part time if you had sales of twenty million dollars in the last four years?

I can think of one reason, she doesn’t have enough margin to make a decent living, but that doesn’t make much sense. Why would you do that much work to not make any profit? I hope that’s not the reason.

It’s hard to say if she’ll score a deal with Daymond, Barbara or any other Shark.  We don’t know what she’s asking and expecting. We don’t know where the margins are, but we do know she’s got a great idea which includes the patent.

It’s clear, the woman viewers absolutely loved Daisy Cakes, and I think they will love One Sole. Here comes the traffic!

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