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I Want to Draw a Cat for You Preview

Shark Tank Investor Mark Cuban tweets out “should i invest ? This guy is nuts” and when you go to the link you see Steve Gadlin of Blewt doing a rap singing “I want to draw a cat for you” on a YouTube video.

I want to draw a cat for you

The first response to “I want to draw a cat for you” is yes, it’s only $9.95. It’s fun and edgy in a much too serious time. The guy obviously knows how to create a brand and market a product. He could end up with the latest fad.

He’s asking for $10,000 and is willing to give up 25% of his company to Shark Tank Investors. The big question is if he’s willing to give up 25% of, a creative company with other involved or if he’s just giving it up on “I want to draw a cat for you.”

If he’s looking for money on Shark Tank, my bet is by the end of today, after Mark Cuban’s tweet, he’ll have the $10,000 in sales alone without the investment, but the marketing ability of Daymond John and Mark Cuban present a huge opportunity to take this business to the next level. My bet is that Steve Gadlin is looking for this and not necessarily the $10,000.00.

Friday night’s Shark Tank show will be extremely entertaining when this guy does his presentation. You are going to laugh your ass off. It doesn’t end there, check out his videos at his website and you’ll find even more great ones. You might even end up buying his products.

Steve Gadlin proves entrepreneurship is fun and exciting making this episode a blast. Give him the money Mark Cuban and Daymond John. You’ll make your money back overnight.

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