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Rick Smith Magician Card Thrower Shark Tank

Rick Smith Magician and Professional Card Thrower, appears on Shark Tank to pitch investors on bringing his act to Las Vegas. He can throw a card 260 Feet. They go so fast, you can’t even see the cards flying through the air.

His website features promotional material from appearances on Ellen, Riplye’s Believe it or Not, Steve Harvey’s Big Time, Last Call with Carson Daily, Americas Got Talent, Guiness World Records, Sports Science and Master Magicians.

Magician Rick Smith is a Great Promoter

Rick Smith is a great promoter of his work, but I’m wondering how he fits into the show tonight? Does he want the Shark Tank Investors to fund a Las Vegas show? I would think that he needs the contacts at the casinos to get his foot in the door. He’s been on Americas Got Talent and I’m sure the Vegas Talent Scouts have already looked his act over.

His act is entertaining, but could it be an entire evening? I wouldn’t pay to go see cards get thrown for two hours and I’m not sure many other people would. I know I’m being harsh on the entrepreneurs for this episode of Shark Tank, but last week was the best and I’m not sure that this is any different.

Rick Smith does have a link to pricing and more information online, and on one of his biggest nights to get traffic to his site, I find broken links.

Again, like in Dave Greco’s The Salespreneur, I would suggest that he get hooked up with AWeber, an online newsletter and list building software that has features to encourage people to sign up to his list.  A light box popping up with a quick ask for sign-up would likely generate a substantial amount of subscribers and convert into profits for him.

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