Nailpak Nail Polish

Nailpak nail polish is a product sold by Duality Cosmetics. Entrepreneur and mother of six girls, Barbara Lampugnale brings her patented NailPak nail polish , an all-in-one manicure system, complete with polish, pads, remover and file to the Shark Tank in hopes of expanding what appears to be a vibrant online business. My girls love this […]

Lollacup Sippy Cups for Toddlers

Lollacup enters the Shark Tank this Friday. It is a spill proof, BPA free, toddler’s sippy cup, proudly made in the USA by entrepreneur Hanna Lim. Lim invented Lollacup to allow toddlers to transition from bottles to cups; she didn’t like the alternatives on the market, so she invented her own. Lollacup is for “the discerning […]

Trimi Tank Custom Tank Tops

Trimi Tank is another clothing/accessories product to enter the Shark Tank seeking funding. The sharks may be in for a real fight: Trimi Tank is run by 2 Pittsburg hockey moms, Nikki Bilski and Lindsay Johnson. If these two gals are like the hockey moms I know, the sharks don’t stand a chance! Both mothers of […]

Jared Joyce on Tedx

Jared Joyce was the first entrepreneur in season three to exploit his exposure on Shark Tank to its fullest potential. He walked away from a deal where Lori Greiner offered him $250,000 for %100 of his Five Minute Furniture. Many people thought he should have taken the money. Jared, however, sees the big picture. He […]

Tail Lightz Kyle Rainey after Shark tank

Tail Lightz inventor, Kyle Rainey, entered the Shark Tank to pitch his invention, a light up device that fits on jeans pockets. He didn’t fare well with Shark Tank Investors, as they quickly went out on his deal. The Shark Tank investors felt that Kyle Rainey’s Tail Lightz designs looked dated and not likely to […]

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Robert Herjavec Deal

I would have never thought Robert Herjavec would have invested in Chord Buddy but Travis Perry scored a Shark Tank deal and even got Robert to come up sing with him. Chord Buddy is a device that Travis Perry designed to fit on the neck of a guitar so that anyone can learn how to […]

A Visit to Nardo’s Natural

Nardo’s Natural, funded by Barbara Corcoran on The Shark Tank earlier this season, is located in Clearwater, Florida. It just so happens I am vacationing in Florida with my family this week. On Monday, the wife and kids went to Adventure Island. I opted to tour a hot dog cart factory and go meet up […]

Copa Di Vino Shark Tank Preview

Copa Di Vino Entrepreneur,  James Martin, gets one more chance to put a deal together with the Shark Tank Investors. Will the Shark Tank investors eat him alive or are they going to step up and offer him another deal? Chances are, he gets offered a deal again. The last time, Kevin O’Leary asked James […]

The Smart Baker has Something Cooking

The Smart Baker cut a deal with Barbara Corcoran earlier this season on The Shark Tank. Even though the deal never went through, the husband and wife team of Daniel and Stephanie Rensing have enjoyed lots of success after they appeared on the show. Their re-usable cupcake towers have been a big hit with specialty […]

Sullivan Generator

Sullivan Generators has fascinated and confounded me for the past week and a half. Ever since the press release for this week’s Shark Tank was released, I have been trying to find something about this company/inventor/product online. I am not having any luck. The press release for this entrepreneur states: “a versatile inventor from San […]

Entrepreneurs Make Money Online

Shark Tank fan or not, when most people hear or read the term “make money online,” they get visions of some quick buck artist selling some hinky “system” designed to guarantee riches beyond your wildest dreams for just two or three hours of work per day. You’ve seen the long sales letters online, or perhaps […]

Blondie’s Cookies Preview

Blondie’s Cookies is an entrant into the Shark Tank on April 13, the next time a new show airs. Entrepreneur Brenda Coffman will be seeking an investment from the Sharks to fund expansion of her growing cookie empire. Coffman started Blondie’s Cookies while attending Indiana State University as a business student back in 1984. She […]

Arlene Battishill Interview

Arlene Battishill, one half of the GoGoGear gals, was kind enough to chat with me for an hour or so today. I wanted to hear about her experiences on the show, and she took time out of her very busy schedule to share insights on an entrepreneur’s life after Shark Tank. Arlene was gracious enough to […]

Viewsport Preview

Viewsport is the latest apparel related business to jump into the Shark Tank. We have seen “technology enabled clothing” on the Shark Tank and now Viewsport brings us “Sweat Activated Technology.” Created in 2009 by Ben Wood, chemist and Head Coach, Viewsport sells a line of  tee shirts, tank tops, shorts and sweats that display an image on […]

Copadivino Preview

Copadivino makes Shark Tank history as the first company to pitch for a second time on the Shark Tank. While many entrepreneurs have been on the show twice with their original segment and a follow up, this is the first time an entrepreneur who has walked away from a deal with the Sharks returns for […]

Shark Tank Friday- March 23

  Shark Tank is on tonight! Is it just me, or is Shark Tank one of the best reasons to love Fridays? There is quite a bit going on in this Blog. Interviews with entrepreneurs, setting up targeted advertising campaigns, site upgrades, and of course, our weekly free giveaway! This week’s prize is a Show […]

Go GoGo Gear, GO!

GoGo Gear is an entrant into the Shark Tank Friday night. I am a fan of the show because I’m an entrepreneur and, like most fans, I like to watch the Sharks go at it. I already reviewed GoGoGear earlier this week, but another reason I am interested in this entrepreneur is I am a scooter […]

Beer Infused Premium Ice Cream

Beer infused premium ice cream sounds like a the merger of two polar opposite food items; in fact, my first reaction is one of disgust. The Brewer’s Cow of Old Lyme, Connecticut scoops its way into the Shark Tank this week.  Steve Albert, Brewer’s Cow president and his partners, have been making their beer infused premium ice cream […]

Portable Pet Meals Looks For Shark Bite

Portable Pet Meals by Barkem’s is the latest pet related business to take a swim in the Shark Tank. What exactly is a portable pet meal? According to the Barkem’s website, portable pet meals are:  “a pre-packaged meal suited just for your pet. Contained in separate compartments inside a recyclable, single use container is: one […]

Venice Custom Everything Seeks Investment

The AVE Venice is a funky, fun “custom everything” shop located in Venice, California. As the second LA area entrant in the Shark Tank this week, they hope to land a deal to take their worldwide custom printing empire to the next level. The AVE Venice prints custom tee shirts, which is nothing new under the […]

GoGo Gear

GoGo Gear, a Los Angeles based maker of protective, armored, abrasion resistant riding gear and accessories for men and women, scoots into the Shark Tank this Friday. According to the GoGo Gear website, GoGo Gear creator, Arlene Battishill, was recently selected as one of the 100 Top Influencers in the LA Fashion Industry by the Fashion […]

Miso Music Update

Miso Music made a big splash in the Shark Tank last night when Mark Cuban offered $300k for 8% and company founder and CEO Aviv Grill accepted. In an innovative pitch, Ingrid Michaelson came on to play a song after Mr. Grill demonstrated the app by “learning” one of her songs. The Miso Music Shark Tank Episode […]

Profender Inventor Tony Devine Interview

Profender is the basketball training tool introduced on The Shark Tank Episode 305 last week. I spoke with Profender inventor Tony Devine recently to get his take on his appearance. Tony is a Special Education teacher and basketball coach. He has coached basketball at pretty much every level from youth ball all the way up to […]

Puppy Cake Founder Kelly Chaney

Puppy Cake founder Kelly Chaney went in willing to expose her biggest weakness to The Sharks and she did. She said and proved that she’s not a great salesperson,  the death of most would-be entrepreneurs. In fact, this one issue will keep Kelly from being really successful as an Entrepreneur. Fortunately, Kelly Chaney has found […]

Specsecure by ReadeREST Follow Up

Rick Hopper, founder of Specsecure by ReadeREST is the brainchild inventor that connected with Lori Greiner. He’s been tinkering with one thing or another since he was a kid. His latest invention is one of the big success stories on The Shark Tank this season. I rarely scream at the TV, but when my favorite shark, Lori […]

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