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The Modern Picnic Lunchbox


In 2018, Ali Kaminetsky launched Modern Picnic with a bold mission: to provide women with a chic alternative to the traditional lunchbox. The brand stands tall on a foundation of functionality, sustainability, and style, offering a transformative solution to the mundane act of carrying lunch to work.

Ali’s journey began after graduating from college in 2016 and moving to the bustling city of New York to kickstart her career in retail. Faced with the daily ritual of bringing her own lunch to work for its efficiency and health benefits, Ali quickly realized the lack of chic and functional options available for women like herself. A Google search for “lunchbox” revealed a market saturated with options for kids and men but left a void for women seeking a stylish yet practical solution.

Reinventing the Lunchbox

This realization fueled the birth of Modern Picnic, a brand that redefines the traditional lunchbox experience. One of the standout features is an insulated interior that is easily wipeable, providing protection against everyday spills. Encouraging users to ditch disposable plastic and paper bags for sustainable alternatives, Modern Picnic champions environmental responsibility without compromising on style.

What’s Inside?

Modern Picnic products are designed with the modern woman in mind, offering features that make life easier, such as utensil compartments, magnetic closures, and removable straps. The built-in lunch bag is a game-changer, seamlessly fitting breakfast, lunch, and snacks while securing itself to the tote’s side. This ingenious design creates ample space for a laptop, planner, water bottle, and more, ensuring a well-organized and efficient commute.

Inside the tote, a zippered interior pocket proves ideal for small essentials like keys and lip balm, while an exterior flap provides easy access to items like AirPods, ID badges, and phones. Say goodbye to the days of lugging around bulky, disorganized bags – Modern Picnic’s structured tote brings a polished and professional look to the workplace, making the daily routine of packing lunch and essentials a delight.

Best Seller

For those seeking a standalone lunch bag, Modern Picnic’s best-selling Large Luncher is a spacious and stylish option. Resembling a classy crossbody bag, this adult lunch box accommodates multiple containers and drinks. As a bonus, it’s currently available at a $79 discount, making it an excellent gift for the busy individuals on your holiday shopping list.

Modern Picnic goes beyond lunch bags, offering laptop bags that seamlessly double as lunch boxes. With this innovative approach, commuting becomes simplified, and the daily office grind is infused with a newfound sense of style. Embrace the transformation of your lunchtime routine with Modern Picnic, where looking good and doing your best go hand in hand.

My Take on this Lunchbox

Obviously a lunchbox that looks like a stylish purse isn’t for me. It is a clever idea however. When I commuted, I’d carry a small cooler when I brought my lunch. While perfectly functional, it was a bit bulky. Maybe Ali should make lunchboxes that look like briefcases!

Will Sharks Eat This Lunch?

It’s obvious when you look for information about this company that it must have sales. They’ve been on TV a lot and the reviews of the products are nearly unanimously positive. My initial instincts tell me this is a Lori type of product. It’s reasonably priced, has mass appeal and is easily demonstrated. It’s a perfect QVC product. My “Spidey sense” tells me Lori and Emma do a team deal for Modern Picnic.

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