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Au Baby Blankets: Revolutionizing Baby Blankets

au baby blankets

In a world where baby blankets often fall short of providing more than just warmth and softness, Alexandra Ulmer, the founder of AU Baby Blankets, embarked on a mission to redefine the industry and address the environmental and health concerns associated with traditional baby blankets.

Alexandra’s journey began during her tenure as a knitwear designer at Nike. It was there that she first recognized the shortcomings of mainstream baby blankets made from polyester fleece and conventional cotton. Concerned about the chemical composition of these materials, which she likened to plastic, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Au Baby Blankets Origins

AU Baby, pronounced “OH Baby!” cleverly encapsulates both the brand’s purpose and origin. The name combines Alexandra’s initials, “AU,” with the French phrase “for the baby,” signifying their commitment to offering top-tier products for babies and the planet.

As a seasoned knitwear designer, Alexandra approached the creation of AU Baby blankets as an opportunity to solve multiple problems simultaneously. Fueled by her passion for wellness and non-toxic living, she set out to craft the safest, softest, and most sustainable baby blankets on the market.

What Makes Au Baby Blankets

The AU Baby blankets go beyond the basic requirements of warmth and softness. They tackle the 3 S’s: Sleep, Stains, and Skincare. Alexandra recognized that conventional blankets often use pesticide-ridden cotton or plastic-based fleece. To counter this, AU Baby blankets are made with organic wool, a renewable material with a low environmental impact compared to cotton.

Wool, a purely natural fiber, eliminates the need for petrochemicals or harsh solvents found in other materials like Tencel, Modal, bamboo, and rayon. Additionally, sheep, the source of wool, play a crucial role in the natural carbon cycle, making wool uniquely earth-supporting.


The commitment to sustainability extends to the dyeing process at AU Baby. Plant dyes sourced sustainably from plants, barks, flowers, insects, and leaves are used to create vibrant, color-fast dyes. Notably, no chemical mordants or fixatives are employed in this eco-friendly process.

Even the packaging reflects AU Baby’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Made with 100% recycled content, including shipping boxes, tissue paper, and poly mailers, the packaging aligns with the brand’s ethos. The boxes, produced in the USA, are printed with algae-based ink, showcasing a commitment to innovation and sustainability.


AU Baby’s commitment to ethical practices extends to its production facilities. The Italian mill, family-owned since 1948 and operating in the EU, adheres to all labor protections native to Italy. Meanwhile, the knitting factory in downtown Los Angeles is a small-scale, woman-owned luxury production facility—one of the last of its kind in the USA.

In summary, AU Baby blankets represent a revolutionary approach to baby care, combining Alexandra Ulmer’s extensive design expertise with a dedication to the well-being of infants, the environment, and the workers involved in the production process. By prioritizing safety, sustainability, and craftsmanship, AU Baby is setting a new standard for baby blankets that resonates with conscious consumers worldwide.

My Take on Au Baby Blankets

My days of caring about baby items are over. That said, I like Alexandra’s approach. Mass produced, platic based crap is awful on a whole number of levels. I like how she’s manufacturing in a sustainable way. If I were a parent of a baby, I’d want these blankets.

Do Sharks need a Blanket?

Based on the FAQ page on the Au Baby website, Alexandra wants to expand her product line to include apparel and adult sized blankets. For this she needs new machinery. That’s probably why she’s in the Tank. If her sales are good, she could field some offers. I don’t think Mark makes an offer. Any of the other 4 Sharks could.

I expect a royalty offer from Mr. Wonderful, but Emma would be the best Shark for Alexandra. If expanding into apparel is on Alexandra’s horizon, she should seriously consider any offer Emma makes.

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