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The Duo by ShedRain

shedrainAs the raindrops fall and umbrellas open, the story of ShedRain, a legacy dating back to 1947, continues to unfold. Nathaniel Wellen, the great-grandson of one of the founders, will be introducing the company’s latest innovation, the Duo, on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank on January 19, 2023. ShedRain’s journey is not just a tale of longevity but also one of evolution, adaptation, and a commitment to quality.Honoring the Founders: “We wish our founding grandfathers could see us now. We wish they could see the legacy they built and the way that we have honored and carried it for three quarters of a century.” ShedRain’s commitment to its founders’ dream has paved the way for 75 years of excellence. In a world vastly different from the one ShedRain began in, the company attributes its success to unwavering beliefs, top-notch engineering, community ties, forward-thinking colleagues, and good-old-fashioned hard work.

Happy-Rain Dance and Gratitude

Join ShedRain in a joyous rain dance as they celebrate this momentous anniversary. The company expresses humility, pride, and gratitude for the dedicated employees and trustworthy partnerships that have kept their umbrella right-side-out. ShedRain looks ahead to a bright (and rainy) future, still fueled by the same passion that ignited their journey in 1947.

Decades of Innovation with ShedRain

ShedRain’s journey through the decades is a fascinating exploration of an ever-evolving industry. From the 1950s, where all umbrella parts were made in the Eastern US, to the 1960s when the company brought elegance and style to the female market, ShedRain consistently pushed the boundaries. The 70s marked the “Bubble” revolution, while the 80s saw partnerships with purpose amid loss. The 90s elevated the umbrella into a fashion statement, and the 2000s introduced innovations in wind protection.

The Award-Winning Decade

The last full decade witnessed the birth of award-winning lines like Stratus™ and Vortex, showcasing ShedRain’s commitment to style and function. Now, in the 2020s, ShedRain is reimagining what it can do to better protect customers from the elements. The Duo, a patented umbrella with dual handles for use by two people, is set to make waves on Shark Tank. With a US Patent (No. 10,143,276 B1) issued on Dec 4, 2018, the Duo is a testament to ShedRain’s continuous pursuit of innovation.

As ShedRain steps onto the Shark Tank stage, the unveiling of the Duo marks a new chapter in their illustrious history. The journey from a small repair shop in Portland to a pioneer in umbrella design is a testament to ShedRain’s resilience and commitment to excellence. The legacy lives on, and with the Duo, ShedRain invites us to share the joy of staying dry together – a symbol of the company’s enduring spirit and innovative prowess.

My Take on ShedRain

Umbrellas don’t excite me, but I have 6 or 7 in the house and 2 in each car. They’re all advertising swag umbrellas from my wife’s company. Sharing umbrellas is awkward at best, that’s why we keep two in each car! I do think this pitch is somewhat orchestrated. While Nathaiel comes off as bright, ambitious and energetic, the fact that there’s a family tie to Shed Rain is conveniently left out. He says he “cold called” them. I call “BS” on that, he was calling his own family.

Do Sharks Use Umbrellas?

I don’t think young Nathaniel gets a deal. This is a kid who grew up in “the umbrella business” and created a useful innovation. The Duo is not in production yet, so Nathaniel will be asking fior cash to get his product going. He may be bright, but his family business is well capitalized and doesn’t need an investor. The Sharks may stop short of calling him exploitative, but they’ll see through this commercial.

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