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Shopify eCommerce Solution for Shark Tank Businesses

shopify ecommerce solution

The Shopify ecommerce solution is one of the most robust platforms available on the market. More than half the businesses appearing on Shark Tank use Shopify, which is a testimony to its quality. Recently, the folks at Shopify submitted this guest post to highlight some of the things that make the Shopify ecommerce platform THE CHOICE for small businesses, whether they swim with Sharks or not.

When contestants enter ABC’s Shark Tank, its not just their pitches that can sink or swim. Websites are also put to the test. An entrepreneur might survive the Sharks, but if their online store isn’t supported by a reliable ecommerce platform, they could quickly find themselves drowning in the tsunami of visitors that flood a website after an entrepreneur’s appearance on the show. So how can an entrepreneur become a top predator and not fish food? Simple. They choose platforms like Shopify as their ecommerce solution.

Why is a reliable ecommerce solution like Shopify so important? After Diana Harbour made an appearance on Shark Tank in November 2014, online traffic to her fashion business The Red Dress Boutique skyrocketed. Her site went down almost instantly and stayed that way until the next afternoon. Imagine the lost sales! Nearly a dozen Shopify powered businesses have gone on Shark Tank and never once has a Shopify site gone down.

Not only can it prevent your website from crashing after show night, but a platform like Shopify will also allow you to maximize what’s known as “The Shark Tank Effect.” If a website is prepared, an online business can transform the attention generated by an appearance on Shark Tank into MASSIVE sales. Take Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick for example – two sisters who entered Shark Tank to pitch their body jewelry business called Litter. After their show aired, over 250,000 visitors flocked to their Shopify store Litter. That weekend, Litter had their most successful weekend ever, selling over $25,000 in 72 hours. Did their site crash? Not for a second.

eCommerce Solution for Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs clearly recognize the importance of a reliable platform like Shopify. Recently, Austin, Texas-based hosting service WP Engine went through all five seasons of Shark Tank to determine what ecommerce solution the contestants were using, and Shopify was a clear breakaway winner. That’s because Shopify has one of the best CMS (content management systems) out there, which means that you don’t have to be a software engineer to build, customize, publish, and update content on your site. The platform is easy-to-use and 100% customizable. Even Daymond John — Shark Tank star and CEO of FUBU — personally recommends the platform to all Shark Tank entrepreneurs.

But Shopify isn’t just useful for businesses featured on Shark Tank; the ecommerce platform is great for everyday businesses too. Consider Shopify’s ability to handle large amounts of online traffic following an appearance on Shark Tank. This is a great feature for any business considering holding a “flash sale” or “deal-of-the-day.” Furthermore, Shopify’s services aren’t limited to selling online. With services like Shopify Mobile and Shopify POS, Shopify lets you manage your business and make sales anywhere you go.

So whether your business is going to be on Shark Tank or not, if you are selling products online, you need to ensure you can take orders at all times. Going with a second-tier ecommerce solution might save a few dollars in upfront costs, but it will be far more costly in the long run. Use the ecommerce solution smart Shark Tank entrepreneurs use. Try Shopify.

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